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VISIT WMM.COM FOR OUR COMPLETE CATALOG 2 Violence Against Women US, 2017 | 40 mins | Color | Sale $350 | Rental $125 | CC | Order # L171214 BREAKING SILENCE Sexual Assault in the Muslim Community A film by Nadya Ali Three Muslim women share their stories of sexual assault—and, in a deeply personal way, they challenge the stigma that has long suppressed the voice of survivors. Even though sexual assault and abuse are widespread in many Muslim communities throughout America, conversations about it are rare—and the pressure for victims and their families to “keep it a secret” helps perpetuate abuse. BREAKING SILENCE takes a radical and humanizing approach to the emotional scars of sexual assault, giving women the space to share their voices without shame. The film is indispensable for those dealing with sexual assault and abuse in academic and non-academic settings, courses on Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and Women’s Studies, and for any discussion of violence against women. “ Brave Muslim women break the silence around their sexual assaults. ” - Huffington Post