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Extraordinary American Women, Ordinary Lives
Muslim Women: Behind the Veil
Human Rights: International Collection
Latin American Women: Breaking Borders
Immigration: The Changing Face of America
Page to Screen
Africa is a Woman's Name

Extraordinary American Women, Ordinary Lives

This collection of films represents women around America who have made a tremendous difference through education, activism, their occupations and more. From the Civil Rights movement to politics to literature, these uncommon women have unexpectedly come forth to create lasting change.

Mountains that Take Wing - Angela Davis & Yuri Kotchiyama
Antonia Pantoja ˇPresente!
Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders
Esther Broner: A Weave of Women
Tillie Olson: A Heart in Action


DVD Sale $495.00

Muslim Women: Behind the Veil

Who is the woman behind the veil? The films in this groundbreaking collection offer a diverse set of answers and raise new questions about the role of women in Islam. Exploring stories of Muslim women from Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon, Bosnia, Iran and Pakistan, these documentaries enlighten and challenge.

Casablanca Calling
Jasad & The Queen of Contradictions
Unveiled Views: Muslim Women Artists Speak Out

DVD Sale $495.00

Human Rights: International Collection

The International Human Rights Collection fearlessly tackles crucial human rights issues from human-trafficking and torture to the revolution in Iran and to a group of people in the world today who are more persecuted than anyone else – girls. Screened countries around the world, these vital works have garnered awards at the most prestigious film festivals worldwide.

Sound of Torture
The Supreme Price
My Stolen Revolution
Six Days: Three Activists, Three Wars, One Dream
I Am A Girl



DVD Sale $495.00


Latin American Women: Breaking Borders

From immigration to civil wars to politics, women in Latin and Central America are continuing to fight not only for gender equality but often for the survival of themselves and their families.

Las Marthas
Maria in Nobody’s Land
Room of Bones
Children of Memory



DVD Sale $495.00


Immigration: The Changing Face of America

This extraordinary collection features titles that celebrate the lives and achievements of immigrants to the U.S. and explore the ongoing struggles of these new Americans. From Mexico to Cuba, from Africa to the Middle East, all have come in search of the American Dream.

Motherland: Cuba Korea USA
Mrs. Goundo's Daughter
Escuela (School)
In the Name of the Family: Honor Killings in North America
Pushing the Elephant


DVD Sale $495.00

Page to Screen

From Lower East Side tenement slums to the counter-culture coffee houses of San Francisco, generations of courageous and creative women have put pen to paper, transforming the field of literature and paving a new path for budding writers. WMM’s PAGE TO SCREEN collection showcases a diverse group of trailblazing literary women and the words that shaped their lives.

Sweatshop Cinderella: A Portrait of Anzia Yezierska
Tillie Olsen: A Heart in Action
The Poetry Deal: A Film with Diane di Prima
Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker?
Mitsuye and Nellie

DVD Sale $495.00

Africa Is a Woman's Name

This powerful collection of films features diverse, dynamic, and essential African women's voices, speaking about the issues that their countries face and their struggles and triumphs to overcome adversity.

The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo
God Sleeps in Rwanda
Duhozanye: A Rwandan Village of Widows
My Heart is My Witness
Grace, Milly, Lucy: Child Soldiers

DVD Sale $495.00


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