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Susan Morgan Cooper

Susan Morgan Cooper was born in a tiny village in Wales, where her parents produced plays to raise money for charity. Surrounded by theater since she was a child, she was drawn to become an actress. She attended the University of Wales and went on to appear in Repertory Theater, television shows and films in Wales before immigrating to the United States.

Shortly after arriving in America, she landed a small role in Clint Eastwood’s The Eiger Sanction. She soon discovered, however, that film editing excited her much more than acting. When director/screenwriter Fred Walton (When A Stranger Calls) took her under his wing, she began consulting for him and later became associate producer on Walton’s Hadley’s Rebellion, starring Griffin O’Neal, William Devane and Charles Durning.

It was when she became intrigued with the story of a young Croatian girl displaced by the Balkan War that Morgan Cooper felt compelled to make her first documentary, Mirjana, One Girl’s Journey. Morgan Cooper next produced and directed the series, Heroes and Sheroes, stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, for Good Life Television. (5/14)

Mulberry Child
A film by Susan Morgan Cooper, 2011, 85 min., Color

Winner of the Spirit of Freedom Documentary category at the Bahamas International Film Festival, MULBERRY CHILD is an adaptation to Jian Ping's book, ...

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