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Women in Politics
A six-part series by Lowri Gwilym
England, 1989, 240 minutes, Color, VHS
Order No. W99065
Produced by BBC Television, WOMEN IN POLITICS is a major international series of documentaries about women politicians. Profiles of six women who run the gamut of political involvement raise important questions about women and power and what it means to enter the world of male-dominated political institutions. The six women profiled are: Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, Corazon Aquino, former President of the Philippines, the inventor of perestroika Tatyana Zaslavskaya, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica for over a decade Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, Simone Veil, one of France's most popular politicians, and member of the Icelandic parliament Dr. Gudrun Agnarsdottir.
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