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This is Not Living
Hay mish Eishi
A film by Alia Arasoughly
2001, 42 minutes, Color, DVD, Subtitled
Order No. W03800
Directed by Alia Arasoughly – a Palestinian filmmaker living in war-torn Ramallah – this deeply moving piece explores the lives of eight Palestinian women and their struggle to live normal lives amidst the degrading drama of war, terror and military occupation. Representing a diverse cross-section of Palestinian society – from a news editor to a domestic worker to a housewife – they candidly speak about their daily encounters with violence and their marginalization in the ideological debate concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Neither political zealots nor submissive wives and mothers, they reveal the difficult task of negotiating their identity. Their stories challenge stereotypes of Palestinian women in the media and provide a much-needed window into an experience rarely seen in the West.


  • Festival Internazionale Cinema delle Donne - Festival's Peace Prize & Jury Honorable Mention
  • Munich International Documentary Film Festival
  • Oberhausen International Short Film Festival
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • Milan International Film Festival, Italy
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil
  • Rabat International Film Festival
  • Cinema Texas Film Festival, USA
  • Biennale de Cinemas Arabes A Paris
  • Rencontres Cinema de Gindou Film Festival, France
  • Mediterranean Video Festival, Italy
  • World Congress of Middle East Studies Film Festival
  • Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary Films, Egypt
  • International Split Festival of New Film, Croatia
  • Nordic Visual Culture film Festival, Finland
  • Carthage International Film Festival, Tunis
  • Beirut Cinema Days Film Festival, Lebanon
  • Visionaria Film Festival, Italy
  • San Francisco Arab Film Festival, USA
  • Terre des femmes Film Festival, Germany

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    “Every high school, every college and university, every community organization needs to see [this] film in order to realize the reality of the trauma that Palestinians in the Occupied Territories are now living through.”
    Socialism and Democracy

    “… [it] provides a poignant look into the suffocating and claustrophobic life under occupation.”
    Dorit Naaman
    Queens University

    “…the film often attains the status of a visual poem…a vivid testimonial to the idea that violence and armed conflict will not bring peace to the Middle East…Every high school, every college and university, every community organization needs to see [this] film.”
    Inez Hedges
    Cinema Studies, Northeastern University

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