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Mulberry Child
US, 2011, 85 minutes, Color, DVD, Chinese, Subtitled
Order No. W141130
Winner of the Spirit of Freedom Documentary category at the Bahamas International Film Festival, MULBERRY CHILD is an adaptation to Jian Ping's book, Mulberry Child: A Memoir of China. Ping's memoir tells the tale of her experiences growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution. Written to bridge a growing emotional and cultural disconnect between Jian and her thoroughly Americanized daughter Lisa, the book recounts their family's journey of survival, from persecution and banishment to political rehabilitation, and its profound effects on Jian.

This moving and beautifully shot documentary, artfully intertwines on-camera interviews with dramatic re-enactments, archival footage, rarely seen photos of China under Mao, and voice-over narration by Jacqueline Bissett. Book-ended by the story of Jian and Lisa's complicated relationship, their visit to China, and a joyful family reunion, MULBERRY CHILD addresses universal issues between mother and daughter, triumph and adversity and the clash between modernity and tradition. This film offers students and audiences alike a heartfelt window into and a greater understanding of the recent history of China, the Cultural Revolution and its impact on the Chinese and Chinese American immigrants.

Includes Bonus Features and Chinese Subtitled Version


Bahamas Int’l Film Festival, Best Documentary
Palm Springs International Film Festival, Best of Fest
Port Townsend Film Festival, Special Jury Award
Santa Rosa Intl Film Festival, Cultural Discovery Award
Madrid International Film Festival. Best Editing
Nashville Film Festival, Jury Prize for Writing

  • Sedona Int’l Film Festival
  • Charleston Int’l Film Festival
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Heartland Film Festival

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    "3 ˝ ***s. a powerful and touching film."
    Roger Ebert

    “MULBERRY CHILD teaches us the human capacity for courage and endurance, and how the events of the past can haunt our future.”
    Heartland Film Festival

    “(A) moving account of her family's struggle to survive China's Cultural Revolution. She has in her poignant memoir helped Westerners to understand this little-known period in China's history…”
    Rob Gifford
    Former Beijing Correspondent of NPR

    "The film’s subject matter is epochal…raises the stakes on a typical parental lesson in family history and forbearance"
    The New York Times

    "The film's take on the immigrant experience is profound"

    "Most evocative in its portrait of the unwarranted suffering wrought by Mao Tse-tung's Communist rule"
    The Village Voice

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