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Boy I Am
A film by Sam Feder & Julie Hollar
2006, 72 minutes, Color, VHS/DVD
Order No. W07915
An important exploration of issues rarely touched upon by most films portraying female-to-male (FTM) transgender experiences, this feature-length documentary sets itself apart from other recent films on this topic. Tackling the resistance of some women in feminist and lesbian communities who view FTM transitioning as at best a "trend" or at worst an anti-feminist act that taps into male privilege, this groundbreaking film opens up a dialog between the lesbian, feminist, and transgender communities while also promoting understanding of transgender issues for general audiences.

In the course of the film, three young transitioning FTMs in New York City- Nicco, Norie and Keegan- go through major junctures in their transitions, discussing everything from their relationships with their bodies, feminism, and the intersection of race and class with their transgender identity. Their stories are interspersed with interviews with lesbians, activists and theorists who engage with the often-contentious questions and issues that are raised within the queer and feminist communities but are rarely discussed openly. Situating these struggles and stories as inextricably linked to queer and feminist struggles, BOY I AM presents an empowering chronicle of queer resistance that challenges all viewers to rethink their concepts of activism and identity.


Seattle L&G F F, Audience Favorite Doc Feature

  • CT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Newfest, New York LGBT Film Festival
  • Frameline, San Francisco LGBT Film Festival
  • Outfest, Los Angeles G&L Film Festival
  • image+nation, Montreal
  • Lesbian Looks Film Festival
  • Mix Brasil
  • Out on Film, Atlanta
  • Reeling Film Festival
  • Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
  • London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • Pink Apple Film Festival (Zurich)
  • QDoc, Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival
  • Athens LGBT Film Festival
  • Brisbane Queer Film Festival
  • Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival
  • Hungry XII, Hungarian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Festival
  • InsideOut Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival
  • Melbourne Queer Film Festival
  • Netherlands Transgender Film Festival
  • Kansai Queer Film Festival
  • Queer Screen

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    “For 10 years I’ve been waiting for a film to address issues between lesbians and transmen. There have been discussions among friends but few in public forums. BOY I AM is that public forum. It is a well made, intelligent documentary that inspires healthy and much needed discussion between different but very connected communities.”
    Kirsten Schaffer
    Senior Director OUTFEST

    "An experiment in cross-breeding between academia and the street, it succeeds in teaching us all as laboratory subjects in an ongoing movement for social and economic justice."
    Amy Villarejo
    Director of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Cornell University

    "There's a new gender being born into Western Civilization, and BOY I AM is an important, entertaining, and disturbing film that elegantly and poignantly captures its birthing. Boy, oh boy... don't miss this one!"
    Kate Bornstein
    Author of Hello, Cruel World

    “The most fascinating, even-handed, emotionally powerful depiction of the F to M trans experience I have ever seen.”
    John Cameron Mitchell
    Writer, Producer, Actor

    “Boy I Am presents an empowering chronicle of queer resistance that challenges all of us to rethink our relationships to activism, identity, and queer history.”
    Emma Crandall
    PhD English/ Women's Studies, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

    “[Boy I Am] juxtaposes powerful portraits with a number of articulate women who raise questions and voice doubts that many of us are thinking about but don’t say aloud. The interviews with Judith “Jack” Halberstam talking about gender are worth the ticket price alone.”
    Erica Marcus
    SF Bay Times

    “This deep thought-provoking film is a must have to initiate dialogue between straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender communities…[its] ability to inform and educate leads to promoting tolerance and understanding. I highly recommend this film for academic media collections, and general adults.”
    Monique Threatt
    Educational Media Reviews Online

    “The blend of personal experience, contrasted with theory, worked to give a rounded out, realistic exploration of trans issues and conflicts. …[makes] a convincing argument for all to support and fight for transgender rights.”
    Feminist Review

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