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Nollywood Lady
A film by Dorothee Wenner
Germany/Nigeria, 2008, 52 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W09962
Peace Anyiam-Fibresima of Lagos, Nigeria is an impresario of showbiz and an impassioned spokeswoman for the thriving and innovative African film industry. She is “Nollywood Lady,” an ex-lawyer, producer, filmmaker, and the founder and CEO of the influential African Academy of Motion Pictures. And she is reshaping the way Africans see themselves—and how the world sees Africans.

Sharing her vision for transforming preconceptions about Africa and African images with filmmaker Dorothee Wenner, Anyiam-Fibresima takes viewers on an all-access tour to film locations, markets, and sit-downs with Nollywood professionals in the vibrant production hub of Lagos. Rounding out this insider’s primer to a dynamic $250 million industry, are several clips from the more than 1,500 direct-to-video, mostly low budget, culturally distinct, and immensely popular films Nollywood produces each year.

Though some have yet to realize it, Africa’s film industry is the third largest film business on the globe (after Hollywood and Bollywood), the second largest employer in Nigeria (after oil), and a mighty enterprise uniquely captured in Nollywood Lady with humor, intelligence, and verve.

Previously released as 80 minute version PEACE MISSION


  • Toronto Int’l Film Festival
  • Berlin Int'l Film Festival
  • Stockholm Int'l Film Festival
  • Zimbabwe Int'l Film Festival
  • Pusan Int'l Film Festival, South Korea
  • Dubai Int'l Film Festival
  • London African Film Festival
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival

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    “Fascinating… Of keen interest to feminists… [and] of central importance to anyone interested in questions of the local and global in media studies today.”
    Patricia White
    Chair, Film and Media Studies, Swarthmore College

    “Treats [Nigerian films] not as some strange side phenomenon, but as part of a genuine cinematic culture that plays by its own rules.”
    Cameron Bailey
    Toronto Int'l Film Festival

    “Inspiring, lively and exceedingly intense…. Depicts a view of Nollywood from the inside, turning many Africa clichés upside down.”
    Lena Blaudez

    “[The characters’] energy, charm, and spirited conviction in their work powers this film with an irrepressible energy.”
    Dubai Int'l Film Festival

    “An invaluable contribution to film and cultural studies, especially in all its incisiveness, it offers scintillating angles on the interplay of commerce and creativity which drive this inimitable phenomenon.”
    N. Frank Ukadike
    Ph.D. Associate Professor of Film & African Diaspora Studies, Tulane University

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