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My Israel – Revisiting the Trilogy
A film by Yulie Cohen
Israel, 2008, 78 minutes, Color, DVD, Subtitled (Hebrew)
Order No. W09956
Few filmmakers have probed issues of Israeli nationalism and Israeli-Palestinian relations more completely or intimately than Tel Aviv-born Yulie Cohen. In My Israel, Cohen revisits her acclaimed trilogy My Terrorist (2002), My Land Zion (2004), and My Brother (2007) with new footage, fresh perspective, and her trademark fearlessness.

For Cohen, Israel is the land of her ancestors, the land her parents fought for during the 1948 war and the land she herself served as an Air Force Officer during the Entebbe crisis. In 1978, working as an El Al stewardess, she survived a terrorist attack in London that killed a colleague and left her with shrapnel in her arm.

Embarking on a difficult and emotional journey, she attempts to free the surviving terrorist who attacked her, to question the myths of the state that she grew up in, and to reconcile with her ultra-orthodox brother after 25 years of estrangement. My Israel is an account of remarkable courage and understanding set against the last turbulent decade of Israeli history, successfully combining Cohen’s 10-year oeuvre in an incisive and refreshing new way.


  • Int’l Women’s Film Festival, Rehovot
  • Adelaide Film Festival, Australia
  • Encuentro del Otro Cine Int’l Doc Film Festival (EDOC), Ecuador
  • Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris

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    “With a searing honesty, leads you through a personal and sometimes grueling process of trying to make sense of the relationship between past and present, the individual and the collective, the self and the ‘other.’”
    Emily Gottreich
    Vice Chair, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley

    “The ethic of dissent and its importance in remaking a world gone wrong is a core tenet of Judaism and one which is too often forgotten…. [Cohen’s] film shows why we must try to create a world where affirmation is possible and dissent is mandatory.”
    Dr. Sarah Roy
    Senior Research Scholar Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

    “[Yulie Cohen’s] belief in love endure[s], a stubborn corrective to the politics of hatred and division swirling around her.”
    Tim Teeman
    The Times

    “Highly Recommended. …for students investigating Israeli nationalism, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and responses to terrorism."
    Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg
    Educational Media Reviews Online

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