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Sexy Inc.
A film by Sophie Bissonnette
Canada, 2007, 36 minutes, Color, DVD, English
Order No. W111012
Are children being pushed prematurely into adulthood? SEXY INC. analyzes a worrying phenomenon: hypersexualization of our environment and its noxious effects on young people. In this illuminating inquiry by Quebec filmmaker Sophie Bissonnette, whose documentaries have won awards for three decades, psychologists, teachers and school nurses speak out and criticize a culture proving toxic to both girls and boys.

With a wealth of examples from music video, ads, fashion, and TV shows, the film gets to the nub of the problem, revealing how media and marketing target ever-younger audiences. Bissonnette’s eye-opening presentation explores the daily barrage exposing children at earlier and earlier ages to sexualized and sexist images that objectify girls while promoting stereotypes obsessed with shopping and “looking hot.” To push back, SEXY INC. offers adults helpful strategies for arming young people with critical skills and a sense of their own accomplishments and value. Girls in a peer group demonstrate insightful actions as they analyze online visuals and pop music icons.


  • UNICEF Award, International Educational Program Contest Japan Prize, Tokyo, Japan

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    “Highly Recommended…Sexy Inc. uncovers the surreptitious power the media and advertisers wield over society’s most vulnerable consumers – children. …a must-see for teachers, parents, and others who work with adolescents. It is also an excellent resource for psychology and sociology courses.”
    Educational Media Reviews Online

    “An illuminating look at the insidious relationship between overtly sexual advertising, girls’ self-esteem, lack of sexual education, abuse and assault."
    Brittany Shoot

    “A vital context and tool … Especially relevant for undergraduate classes on gender, media and power. It will provide an excellent context for debating the highly divisive positions over representation, pornography and sex positive feminism.”
    Jonathan Zilberg
    Leonardo Online

    "The latest installment in the sex wars, this time in a well-made documentary from Canada about the sexualization and eroticization of girls (in pop culture, in the media). An earnest take on education and empowerment, it is sure to spark debate and discussion."
    Amy Villarejo
    Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Cornell University

    “…urges us…to teach critical thinking and media skill to our young girls… [and] helps us to stop taking cultural images and messages for granted and gives us some perspective from which to judge our own culture.”
    David Eller
    Anthropology Review Database

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