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Old South
A film by Danielle Beverly
US, 2015, 54 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W151156
OLD SOUTH, through a quiet unfolding story, provides a window into the underlying dynamics of race relations that influence so many American communities. In Athens, Georgia, a college fraternity traditionally known to fly the Confederate flag moves to a historically black neighborhood and establishes their presence by staging an antebellum style parade. What starts with a neighborhood struggle over cultural legacies in the South, the opening of a community garden becomes a grounds for understanding, as well as a physical and emotional space for healing, offering a sense of possibility and hope for the future.


Award of Merit, Documentary, University Film & Video Association (UFVA)

  • Atlanta Film Festival
  • Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival
  • Indie Grits Festival
  • The Southern Circuit Tour

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    Beverly unveils the hauntingly present racism still inherent in the Old South, while creating a dichotomy that opens up a space for a much needed conversation.
    Kristy Brenerman
    Programming Director, Atlanta Film Festival

    "Old South' represents the transformation of a neighborhood in Athens, GA but it's a familiar story to many…total erasure of, neighborhoods that were once vital communities in the center of our city."
    Laura Kissel, Assoc. Prof. and Director
    Film and Media Studies Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia

    "This documentary provides an entry point for dialogue, deliberation, and re-imagining how communities can thrive.'Old South' brings up the personal and political in a way that invites audiences to explore their experiences."
    Jess Solomon
    Community Engagement Facilitator, Alternate ROOTS

    "I can't recommend OLD SOUTH highly enough, both for its entertainment value and for its usefulness as a tool in sparking much needed dialogues around an issue that clearly has national import - and not just across the black vs. white divide."
    Dr. Kendra Hamilton
    Professor of English, Presbyterian College

    "*** ˝ Highly recommended… a surprisingly hopeful documentary that begins with a portrait of a community dividing itself along polarized racial lines but ends on a symbol of possibility."
    Video Librarian

    "Old South is a rich and nuanced film...(Old South) appropriately identifies racism as historical and institutional, but also a hard thing to pin down when one comes face to face with polite and well-meaning people of differing views. The film does offer a politics but also acknowledges complexity and humanity."
    Thomas J. Castillo, Assistant Professor
    Bowling Green State Univ, Department of Theatre and Film

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