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After Hours
A film by Jane Campion, 1984, 26 min., Color

A confronting and realistic short drama by Academy Award-winning director, Jane Campion, about sexual harassment in the office. A young office worker...

A film by Tracey Moffatt, 1993, 90 min., Color

BEDEVIL is the stunning debut feature from Tracey Moffatt (NIGHT CRIES, NICE COLORED GIRLS) and the first feature directed by an Australian Aboriginal...

Bullets for Breakfast
A film by Holly Fisher, 1992, 77 min., Color

BULLETS FOR BREAKFAST is a sublime essay film which sits at the frontier of its genre. Holly Fisher describes the film as “a Western filtered through...

A film by Zeinabu irene Davis, 1999, 92 min., BW

COMPENSATION the first feature by award-winning filmmaker Zeinabu irene Davis (CYCLES and A POWERFUL THANG), presents two unique African-American lov...

Far From Poland
A film by Jill Godmilow, 1984, 109 min., Color

When denied visas to shoot in Poland, a filmmaker, steeped in the documentary traditions of the left, decides to construct her film in New York City. ...

Flaming Ears
A film by Angela Hans Scheirl, Ursula Pürrer, and Dietmar Schipek, 1991, 84 min., Color

FLAMING EARS is a pop sci-fi lesbian fantasy feature set in the year 2700 in the fictive burned-out city of Asche. It follows the tangled lives of th...

Halving the Bones
A film by Ruth Ozeki, 1995, 70 min., Color/BW

Skeletons in the closet? HALVING THE BONES delivers a surprising twist to this tale. This cleverly-constructed film tells the story of Ruth, a half-...

Invisible Adversaries
A film by Valie Export, 1976, 108 min., Color

Breaking free of conventional unities of body, space and time, this early feature by one of Europe's leading feminist filmmakers is a haunting excursi...

Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia
A film by Ulrike Ottinger, 1989, 165 min., Color

Ulrike Ottinger's epic adventure traces a fantastic encounter between two different worlds. Seven western women travelers meet aboard the sumptuous, m...

La Nouba des Femmes du Mont-Chenoua
A film by Assia Djebar, 1977, 115 min., Color

Finally available in the United States, this classic film from acclaimed novelist and filmmaker Assia Djebar is essential viewing for an understandin...

Madame X: An Absolute Ruler
A film by Ulrike Ottinger, 1977, 141 min., Color

"Ulrike Ottinger has a larger body of work than almost any other lesbian filmmaker, and her rarely seen first feature contains most of the elements th...

Night Passage
Directed and produced by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Jean-Paul Bourdier, 2004, 98 min., Color

Made in homage to Kenji Miyazawa’s children’s sci-fi classic MILKY WAY RAILROAD, NIGHT PASSAGE is the latest experimental feature from celebrated film...

A film by Jane Campion, 9 min., Color

On a hot Australian summer's day, a recalcitrant, freckled, red-headed family of three go on a Sunday drive in the country. Their outing results in an...

Peggy and Fred in Hell
Leslie Thornton, 21 min.

The first installment of Leslie Thornton's ongoing epic follows two children, Peggy and Fred, through a densely cluttered, technological-consumer jumb...

Peggy and Fred in Kansas
Leslie Thornton, 11 min.

A few years older now, our boy and girl heroes mumble and chant their way through mid- America's wasteland. Thornton's interest in the line between la...

The Practice of Love
A film by Valie Export, 1985, 90 min., Color

"Valie Export's third feature is an anti-romance in which the heroine, oscillating between two relationships, gradually discovers that both are imposs...

Sabor a Mi
A film by Claudia Morgado Escanilla, 1997, 20 min., Color

Claudia Morgado Escanilla's SABOR A MI is an erotic short drama about sensual yearnings, the guilty pleasures of watching, and the secret complicity o...

Seven Women-Seven Sins
Produced by Maxi Cohen, Maya Constantine, and Brigitte Kramer, 1987, 101 min., Color

What constitutes a deadly sin today? Seven of the world’s best-known women directors produce their own version of celluloid sin in this omnibus film. ...

Sweet Power
A film by Lúcia Murat, 1996, 98 min., Color

During a tumultuous political campaign, veteran broadcast journalist Bia takes over as news director of a major television network. Amidst multiple c...

A Tale of Love
A film by Trinh T. Minh-ha, 1995, 108 min., Color

Portraying the Vietnamese immigrant experience through Kieu, A TALE OF LOVE follows the quest of a woman in love with ‘Love’. The film is loosely ins...

Ticket of No Return
A film by Ulrike Ottinger, 1979, 108 min., Color

A portrait of two unusual but also extremely different women. One rich, eccentric, hiding her feelings behind a rigid mask, consciously drinks hersel...

The Yellow Wallpaper
A film by Marie Ashton, 1977, 14 min., Color

This short dramatic film brings to life the classic Charlotte Perkins Gilman story of the same name, which has become an important addition to America...

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