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"This epic documentary is destined to become one of the touchstones of American nonfiction cinema."
    - New York Film Festival

" A masterpiece."
    - Sean Farnel, Toronto International Film Festival

"Best Documentary of 2002."
    - Laura Sinagra, Village Voice

"Jennifer Dworkin's epic 2 1/2 hour docu explodes the right-wing cliché of the 'welfare queen' - the black woman with a lot of kids and a crack habit - not by avoiding the stereotype but by fleshing it out, settling the viewer into an unmediated intimacy with her subject... tremendous emotional force and uncompromising honesty. "

"Dworkin brilliantly uses the form to involve the viewer in a warts-and-all complexity that confounds facile judgment, while creating the frustrating slowness of a system of social services that often nurtures the very ills it attempts to cure."
    - Ronnie Scheib, Variety

" Jennifer Dworkin's compelling documentary immerses you so intensely in the problems of the Hazzards, a troubled New York family living on public assistance, that by the end of its two and a half hours you feel almost like a member of the household... What lifts the movie above many other high-minded documentaries dealing with poverty and the welfare cycle is the filmmaker's astounding empathy for both Diane and Love."
    - Stephen Holden, New York Times

"The strongest American film at the [New York Film] Festival and the best documentary I've seen in years. It's a major discovery... 'Love & Diane' is sheer exhilaration, a movie of awesome emotional power and devastating social relevance... a richly humanizing experience. It is vital, necessary film that deserves the widest possible audience."
    - Nathan Lee, The NY Sun

"[An] extraordinary documentary... impressionistic, poetic...
    - Stuart Klawans, The Nation

"A compelling film about hope and recovery."
    - Merle Bertrand, Film Threat

"This film is pure storytelling. At times Love & Diane are so dramatically riveting one forgets that it is a documentary...Jennifer Dworkin therefore then has accomplished a rare project of creative genius"
    - Mike Lee, Tribes

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