Harnessing the Power of Feminist Arts Organizations

In 2017, with a grant from the Ford Foundation, four veteran women’s arts and media organizations – Women Make Movies, Women’s Studio Workshop, New York Women in Film and Television, and the Center for Women and Their Work formed the Women’s Art Consortium. Founded as part of the 1970’s second wave feminist movement, each group responded to shifting social and political attitudes, built inclusive, expansive constituencies of women artists and patrons, and became living repositories of women’s artistic production – a history only now gaining attention/appreciation. Over the course of 18 months and three in-person convenings, these organizations engaged in collective reflection on a central question: What will it take to adapt to and cultivate the next generation of arts leadership to address current issues of inequality for women in the arts?   

A new report prepared by Joanne Sandler, Sara Gould and Idelisse Malavé highlights key insights and outcomes that emerged for these groups during the three meetings and through other interactions. Read the full report here: Harnessing the Power of Feminist Arts Organizations

On October 15, WMM Executive Director Debra Zimmerman, Women’s Studio Workshop Artistic Director Erin Zona, and consultant Idelisse Malava will present their findings in a session called From Surviving to Thriving: Forty years of feminist arts at The 2019 Grantmakers in the Arts Conference in Denver. Organized and moderated by Kerry McCarthy, vice president of The New York Community Trust, the speakers will present their case studies of growth, survival, struggle, transition, blueprints for thriveability, and articulate the supports needed to stabilize women’s arts groups into the future.

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