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S. Casper Wong

S. Casper Wong is a New York based writer, director and producer of both narrative and documentary films. Her narrative feature screenplay, OO 1, a sci-fi love story has won the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Grant; the Grand Jury Prize for Best Screenplay at Urbanworld Film Festival and the Sloan Fellowship at the Hamptons International Film Festival Screenwriter’s Lab and is slated for production in China winter 2012. Her award winning narrative short film, Shirts & Skins, had been screened internationally and was licensed to the Independent Film Channel for national broadcast from 2004 to 2007. It is now part of the Tribeca Film Institute’s curated Reframe Collection. Her screenplay, Lucy in the Sky, a feature animation space adventure, an Alfred P. Sloan Finalist, is in development.

She has served as Executive Producer for Roger Corman’s first co-production in China, and is attached to direct his second co-production. Also in production is Staying Well, a feature documentary on Integrative East-West Medicine and the global health crisis. This collaboration with UCLA, is also being developed as a three-part television series. In postproduction, is Becoming, a longitudinal documentary of Chinese adoptees in contemporary American families. The project began in 1999 when the subjects were three-years old. They were revisited in 2009 as they entered adolescence.

Prior to receiving her MFA in Film Directing from NYU, Tisch School of the Arts, she was Senior Attorney for IBM, specializing in international intellectual property and antitrust law. Casper also holds a J.D. from New York Law School and a B.S. in Bio-medical Engineering from Columbia University. She is a reiki master and an award-winning cartoonist. The LuLu Sessions marks her feature documentary debut. (4/13)

The LuLu Sessions
A film by S. Casper Wong, 2011, 86 min., Color

Unlike anyone you've ever met, LuLu is a hard-living, chain-smoking rebel with a tender heart; poet with a potty mouth; farm girl; former cheerleader;...

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