Women Make Movies distribution service seeks to expand the public’s exposure to independent films that are directed or co-directed by women identified filmmakers, and whose content is about women and the issues that affect their lives. Our collection of more than 700 films includes award-winning works by both established and emerging independent media makers from all over the world, and explores an incredible range of timely, important and global topics.

We believe that women’s media, in both traditional and non-traditional forms, presents social, political, and aesthetic visions of women that are not generally available in mainstream media. Reflecting an understanding of women’s experience, women’s independent films reveal the complexity and diversity of women’s lives and artistic visions. We remain steadfast in our belief that media can inform and engage, inspire action and challenge reigning perspectives.



Works submitted for acquisition must be directed or co-directed by a woman identified filmmaker, and its subject must be about women or about issues with specific relevance to women’s lives.

Selection of work for the Women Make Movies collection is based on the strength and originality of the work as it relates to the Women Make Movies distribution guidelines. We focus on distributing documentaries that are by women-identified filmmakers and about the lives of women and which are more than 15 minutes in length. We highly encourage women of color, LGBTQI, differently abled, and older women to submit.

We generally do not distribute:

  • Narrative films
  • Films which are under 20 minutes, filmed performances or dance projects.
  • “How to” or instructional titles which are already in the consumer market on DVD, VOD or DOD.

We are not currently accepting submissions for: short documentaries under 15 minutes, narrative films of any length, or animation.



Thank you for your interest in submitting a film. If your project fits our distribution guidelines, please fill out the Acquisition Submission Form below. We cannot respond to all submissions we receive, but you will hear from us within 48 hours if the film is right for us to consider and will be moving on to the official screening committee. We’ll then have a final decision for you within four to six weeks after everyone on our committee has had a chance to review your film. We receive many submissions, so please be patient. For all additional questions, please contact [email protected]



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