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Kaucyila Brooke

Kaucyila Brooke is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her photography and video project The Boy Mechanic (1996 ongoing) was commissioned by the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego (1996) and was shown as a multi channel video installation in the exhibition Video as a Female Terrain at the Steirischerbst 2000, Graz, Austria and as a single channel work installed with photographs in the exhibition Hausordenungen at the Stadthaus, Ulm, Germany (2002) and in a solo show at platform, Berlin, Germany (2004). The Los Angeles Edition of The Boy Mechanic premiered at the City of Los Angeles Artist Fellowship Exhibition in 2005 and was subsequently exhibited with the San Diego Edition at Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (2006). For the exhibition The Eighth Square at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany (2006) she produced a two sided offset poster which documented the sites and former sites of Cologne's lesbian bar history. Most recently she has focused on San Francisco's history for the exhibition California Files at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art, San Francisco.

She co-produced the videotape DRY KISSES ONLY (1990) which has been screened internationally. She is the former Director of the Program in Photography and Media at CalArts in Los Angeles where she has been a regular member of the faculty since 1992. (8/14)

Dry Kisses Only
A film by Jane Cottis and Kaucyila Brooke, 1990, 75 min., Color

Through manipulated film clips, the hilarious commentary of Theory Woman and interviews with the Lesbian on the Street, this marvelous film explores t...

Dry Kisses Only/War on Lesbians
Two films by Jane Cottis and Kaucyila Brooke, 1992, 100 min., 2 in series, Color

Through manipulated film clips, the hilarious commentary of Theory Woman and interviews with the Lesbian on the Street, DRY KISSES ONLY (1990, 75 mins...

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