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Some Ground To Stand On
A film by Joyce Warshow
Co-produced and edited by Janet Baus
1998, 35 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W99599
This compelling documentary tells the life story of Blue Lunden, a working class lesbian activist whose odyssey of personal transformation parallels lesbians’ changing roles over the past 40 years. Starting with Blue’s experience of being run out of the 1950’s New Orleans gay bar scene for wearing men’s clothing, SOME GROUND TO STAND ON combines interviews, rare photos, and archival footage to trace her experiences: giving up her child for adoption and getting her back; getting sober; and coming into her own as a lesbian rights, feminist, and anti-nuclear activist. Now 61 and living in Sugarloaf Women’s Village, Blue reflects on aging, activism, and a life spent “doing what she wanted” in this touching, inspiring look at a generation’s struggle for a lesbian identity and consciousness.


  • National Educational Media Network, Bronze Apple
  • Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award
  • New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Chicago Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Reel Affirmations
  • Northampton International Film Festival

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    “The story of an astoundingly brave and persistent woman... It is the story of four decades of passionate engagement. This is a film that will help us remember what we must not forget.”
    Joan Nestle
    Lesbian Herstory Archives

    “A stirring film which presents her life and work vividly, powerfully, beautifully. Warshow’s film of love, concern and power celebrates America’s dykes across the decades.”
    Blanche Wiesen Cook
    Author, Eleanor Roosevelt

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