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Black Women On: The Light, Dark Thang
1999, 52 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W00659
BLACK WOMEN ON: THE LIGHT, DARK THANG explores the politics of color within the African-American community. Women representing a variety of hues--from honey-vanilla to brown-sugar chocolate--speak candidly about the longstanding "caste system" that permeates black society. These women share provocative, heart-wrenching personal stories about how being too light or too dark has profoundly influenced their life and relationships--from childhood on and throughout their adult years. Originating in a culture of slavery, the "light, dark thang" still persists. Even today it haunts black women's individual and collective memories. Both entertaining and transformative viewing, BLACK WOMEN ON: THE LIGHT, DARK THANG combines personal interviews and historical footage with literary and dramatic vignettes.


  • Capitol Region Emmy Award, Best Public Affairs Program

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    "...a powerful commentary on the dangers of measuring our standards of beauty against mainstream society's colorless yardstick."
    Vondie Curtis Hall

    "A frank and provocative look at a problem most Black Americans would rather not talk about....Bound to promote discussion, understanding and eventually healing."
    Derek McGinty
    PBS Straight Talk

    "A wonderfully straightforward examination of the things we are usually afraid to say out loud....A valuable contribution to discussions of both race and gender, and I recommend it highly."
    Pearl Cleage

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