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A film by Kara Herold
2000, 18 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W01733
An 18 minute explosion of fringe feminism and print media, The GRRLYSHOW is a powerful and rebellious message from new voices often left unheard. Filmmaker Kara Herold examines the girly Zine revolution and culture in such a way that the film intellectually and stylistically addresses anyone's question concerning whether or not feminism has reached it's 3rd wave: the postmodern. By interweaving head-shot interviews, clips from the zines and 1950's television-esque vignettes, Herold clearly illustrates feminism's ability to exist subversively within a system that generally doesn't give women their own voice . The GRRLYSHOW successfully brings to the surface alternative voices and projects that are vital to the continuation and expansion of feminism. An excellent film for mass communication, women's studies and pop culture courses.

"A perky peek at the alternative media community where self-publishing gals are doin' it for themselves. Aware, irreverent, entertaining, even brilliant, these zine creators relish the irony that to speak in one's unique unfettered voice is to touch others more powerfully than with the traditional blanded-down mainstream mag approach. Viva the grrly zines!" Al Hoff, Pittsburgh City Paper & Creator, Thrift Score zine


  • Northern California Ind. Film & Video Festival, Best Documentary Finalist
  • Chicago Underground Film Festival
  • Ladyfest Midwest
  • Sacramento Film and Video Festival
  • Mill Valley Film Festival
  • Ohio Independent Film Festival
  • Film Arts Foundation Film Festival
  • WYBE Through the Lens Series
  • Young Adult Library Services Association - Selected Video for Young Adults
  • Sundance Film Festival

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    "Gleefully explores the culture of zines and their role in shaping female identity in the twenty-first century."
    Mill Valley Film Festival

    "A timely spirited look at a new generation of diverse young women taking control of a corner of the media pie by self publishing their own magazines. Inspired by the zines themselves, Kara's film is irreverent, analytical and fun.
    Pat Ferrero
    San Francisco State University

    'Grrlyshow' is an intelligent, honest and rare look at the women behind the alternative girl pop culture scene. It will surely stimulate discussion among diverse audiences -- especially among women and teenage girls -- and leave one inspired and empowered to challenge and re-examine one's relationship to the status quo."
    Anita Chang

    "A lively, witty concoction of cornball footage, ironic reenactments and insider interviews that captures the wicked humor and lively diversity of the girl zine world."
    Bill Nichols
    Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University

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