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Directed by Tina Gharavi
UK, 2000, 24 minutes, Color, 35mm
Order No. W02746
An experimental documentary which has at its heart a poignant character study of a 17 year-old lesbian living in Newcastle, England, CLOSER innovatively explores the process of documentary filmmaking and boldly challenges traditional forms of storytelling. Produced without a script and in close collaboration with the subject, Annelise Rodger, the filmmaker presents a hypnotizing array of montages and fictive sequences to introduce the day-to-day happenings of this extraordinary person. From the streets of Newcastle – where we find Annelise speaking frankly to the camera about her experiences as a young lesbian – to the emotionally charged reenactment of her coming out to her mother, this highly original film provides a rare auto-portrait where fiction and documentary collide. In the end what emerges is not only a remarkable encounter with a young woman, but also a story that has broader implications about being young, being at the cusp of adulthood, and finding one's identity. A Bridge & Tunnel Production.


  • Outfest, Los Angeles - Grand Prize Winner of the Planetout/iFILM Short Movie Award
  • One World International Human Rights Film Festival - Czech Radio Award
  • Chicago Reeling, Honorable Mention
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • San Francisco, Philadelphia, Toronto, London, Berlin, Austria Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Fesitval, Greece
  • Cork International Film Festival
  • Festival Dei Popoli, Florence, Italy
  • New York Short International Film Festival
  • Rhode Island International Film Festival
  • Brooklyn International Film Festival
  • International Film Festival, Mannehiem - Heidelberg
  • Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival, Brazil
  • Feminale, Cologne, Germany
  • Filmes des Femmes, Creteil, France
  • MIX Brazil Film Festival

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    "...takes documentary film to the next level."
    Shari Frilot
    Sundance Film Festival

    "…a highly stylized film where fiction and documentary collide as ‘scenes’ from the main subject's life are reenacted for the camera."

    "The realism in this riveting experimental documentary will make your heart stop. Gharavi nails the subject of young lesbian identity right on the nose."
    Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

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