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In My Father's Church
2004, 49 minutes, Color/BW, DVD
Order No. W05873
Charissa is a lesbian who wants a church wedding, but it doesn’t seem to help that her dad is the pastor of the town’s United Methodist Church. While he has been quietly supportive of his daughter’s lesbian relationship, Charissa’s father knows he would put his career at risk if he chose to officiate at her marriage ceremony. In 1999, the Methodist church took a firm stand by suspending a pastor for officiating a same sex union—and the clashes between clergy and gay couples have been making headlines ever since. Compelling and honest, IN MY FATHER'S CHURCH is a poignant exploration of the intersection of homosexuality and religion, from the perspective of someone who has much at stake.

Though disappointed by her father’s resistance to marry her, Charissa and her bride-to-be Kelly continue to make their wedding plans—finding support in surprising places, and eventually are married by Charissa’s uncle. This emotionally charged story of one woman’s attempt to reconcile her love, faith and family brings to life the deep conflicts that gay marriage has caused in many churches—and for many individuals trying to maintain their faith while preserving their own identities.


  • Immaginaria International Women’s Film Festival
  • Spokane Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, World Premiere
  • Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
  • Modesto Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival
  • Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

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    “A must-see … shows most painfully how one denomination's anti-gay rules divides families, creates a second class citizenry of gay and lesbian church members, and binds clergy to rules that exclude some from receiving the pastoral ministry of the church.
    Karen Oliveto, Ph.D.
    Asst. Dean and Director of Contextual Ed., Pacific School of Religion

    “…A humorous and emotional journey of a daughter's love, a father's church, and a family's celebration of a loving committed relationship between two women. A must see for anyone struggling with the difference between religious and civil marriage rights in America today.”
    Valerie Fein-Zachary, MD
    The Freedom to Marry Coalition of MA

    “Deeply moving. A timely ongoing dialogue that is deeply personal, radical and brave.”
    Elizabeth York, PhD
    Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Utah State University

    Highly Recommended. …ideal for college and university libraries to support gay & lesbian, gender, psychology, religious, and sociology studies programs.”
    Educational Media Reviews Online

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