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Discount on Titles from the AFRICA IS A WOMAN'S NAME Special Collection
Special Offer for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Special Offer: Save 50% on Human Rights Films with Purchase of SIX DAYS
Special Offer on All 2013 and 2012 Releases
Special Offer: SAVE 50% on Feminist Studies Collection titles with Purchase of FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN'S LIBERATION
Special Offer: SAVE 50% on Select Titles with Purchase of LIVING THINKERS
Special offer on Remastered ILLUSIONS and JURY OF HER PEERS
Special Offer! 50% Off Indigenous People Collection

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Current Sales


Discount on Titles from the AFRICA IS A WOMAN'S NAME Special Collection

Director Joanna Lipper elegantly explores past and present in THE SUPREME PRICE as she tells the remarkable story of Hafsat Abiola, daughter of Nigeria's President M.K.O. Abiola who won a historic vote in 1993 that promised to end years of military dictatorship. Shortly after the election, Abiola was imprisoned and his victory annulled. His daughter, on the verge of graduating from Harvard, decided to return home and join her parents' struggle. The Abiola family's intimate story unfolds against the epic backdrop of Nigeria's evolution from independence in 1960 through present day as Hafsat continues to face the challenge of transforming a corrupt culture of governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria's most marginalized population: women. 

Special Offer! Get any title in our AFRICA IS A WOMAN'S NAME Collection for $99 or less when you purchase THE SUPREME PRICE at list price! Learn more.

Offer expires November 30 2014.


Special Offer for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness month, purchase any title in the Violence Against Women Collection at the $89 rate!* In honor of this important month we want to make sure that these resources are viewed and accessible. It is an incredibly important time for issues of domestic violence, and the stories in our collection need to be heard. 

Our Violence Against Women Collection explores the extraordinary strength of women who survive sexual assault, institutional disregard, domestic violence and more. The films in this collection break the historical silence that has often surrounded issues of violence against women.
Highlights in the collection include SIN BY SILENCE, about Convicted Women Against Abuse - the first inmate initiated and women led group in prison, THE GREATEST SILENCE: RAPE IN THE CONGO the film that was the inspiration for a 2008 U.N. Resolution classifying rape as a weapon of war, and INVOKING JUSTICE about a group of women fighting for justice against domestic violence crimes in Pakistan. 

*When ordering the film select the $89 price rate. You can also email or call us to place an order:orders@wmm.com or 212-925-0606 ext. 360. Offer expires November 30 2014.



Special Offer: Get 50% off films from the Human Rights Collection when you purchase SIX DAYS

This inspiring documentary, which follows three brave human rights defenders in Liberia, Abkhazia, Georgia and Iraq over six days, gives insight into the everyday, grassroots struggle to improve the situation of women worldwide. SIX DAYS shines a necessary light on some of the most urgent and important human rights issues facing women today: girls education, honor killings, bride kidnappings and women's health issues. 

Special Offer! Get 50% off any film in our Human Rights Collection when you purchase SIX DAYS at list price! Details.

Offer expires 11/30/2014. 




Special Offer: SAVE 50% on Select Titles with Purchase of FEMINIST: STORIES FROM WOMEN'S LIBERATION

Structured as a personal journey of rediscovery by filmmaker Jennifer Lee, FEMINIST: Stories From Women's Liberation brings the momentous first decade of second-wave feminism vividly to life. Its trajectory starts with the earliest stirrings in 1963 and ends with the movement's full blossoming in 1970-from the Presidential Commission's report on widespread discrimination against women and publication of Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique up through radical feminists' takeover of the Statue of Liberty and Friedan's calls for a women's strike for equality. A great introduction to Women's Studies and critical viewing for historians and academics interested in feminism, activism and the Women's Movement. More

Special Offer! Get 50% off any film in our Feminist Studies Collection when you purchase FEMINIST: Stories from Women's Liberation at list price! Details.

Offer expires 11/15/2014. 


Special Offer on All 2013 and 2012 Releases 

Buy 5 for $495!  Order any five of our 2013 or 2012 titles for only $495! This offer applies to institutions only; public libraries, K-12 and community groups still receive any title for only $89. Learn more!

Offer expires 10/31/2014. 




Special Offer: SAVE 50% on Select Titles with Purchase of LIVING THINKERS

LIVING THINKERS: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BLACK WOMEN IN THE IVORY TOWER examines the intersection of race, class and gender for Black women professors and administrators working in U.S. colleges and universities today. Though more than 100 years have passed since the doors to higher education opened for Black women, their numbers as faculty members are woefully low and for many still, the image of Black women as intellectuals is incomprehensible. And while overtly expressed racism, sexism and discrimination have declined, their presence is often still often unacknowledged.

Through frank and sometimes humorous conversations, this documentary interrogates notions of education for girls and women and the stereotypes and traditions that affect the status of Black women both in and out of the Academy. 

Special Offer - In light of the recent events in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere in the country, we are highlighting some of our best titles on race, gender and class in America from our collection. Get 50% off select titles when you purchase LIVING THINKERS at list price. Details.

Offer expires November 15, 2015. 


Special Offer on Remastered ILLUSIONS and A JURY OF HER PEERS

From Julie Dash, director of the critically acclaimed DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST comes this highly anticipated re-release of ILLUSIONS. Now you can enjoy, and teach, this film at the best quality. Perfect for institutions & libraries focused on cinema studies, African American Studies, and film history. 

The time is 1942, a year after Pearl Harbor; the place is National Studios, a fictitious Hollywood motion picture studio. Mignon Duprée, a Black woman studio executive who appears to be white and Ester Jeeter, an African American woman who is the singing voice for a white Hollywood star are forced to come to grips with a society that perpetuates false images as status quo. This highly-acclaimed drama by one of the leading African American women directors follows Mignon's dilemma, Ester's struggle and the use of cinema in wartime Hollywood: three illusions in conflict with reality. 

Special Offer! purchase both remastered editions of ILLUSIONS and Sally Heckel's classic A JURY OF HER PEERS and get 25% off your entire order. Learn more.

Offer expires November 1, 2014.  

Native Eyes Collection

Special Offer! 50% Off Indigenous People Collection

In honor of the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, we are offering 50% off any title in our "Through Native Eyes" collection.* These are diverse, dynamic, essential native visions, straight from the cameras of some of today's most compelling women directors. 

This powerful collection of native voices features 2012 New Release APACHE 8, about an all-female firefighting unit that has protected their reservation from fire and responded to wildfires around the nation, to TOXIC TRESPASS, which covers environmental racism impacting native communities, and MOHAWK GIRLS, a coming of age identity film by the acclaimed Mohawk director, Tracey Deer. To see the entire "Through Native Eyes" collection, click here

*Enter code LAHAINE14 to apply your discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Other exceptions may apply. Offer expires 10/30/14.


Ongoing Offers


Special Offer for New Customers

We want to welcome new customers to WMM with a special offer - buy two films and get the second one free in your first order! See the films in our catalog here

Use code BOGONC14 at checkout to apply your discount. Does not include 2014 and 2015 new releases


NYC Customers- Save 50% on any Film in the WMM Collection

Thanks to generous support from the NY Department of Cultural Affairs, WMM has launched The New York City Cultural and Community Discount Program, and is pleased to offer 50% off rentals or sales of WMM films to NYC non-profit groups in the five boroughs. Cultural organizations can apply the discount to rentals while community-based groups, public libraries and K-12 schools can receive an additional 50% off the already discounted community sale price (sorry, the offer does not apply to colleges and universities).

Take advantage of this special offer! Email orders@wmm.com or call 212.925.0606 x360 and mention promo code DCA12.







Replace Your VHS Copies with DVD

Ready to change those VHS tapes over to DVDs? WMM is offering you the chance to upgrade any VHS films purchased from WMM to DVDs at only 50% off the list price of the film. Contact orders@wmm.com or call 212-925-0606 x360 and mention promo code VHSDVDW13.  See select films new on DVD.






Save up to 65% with Special Collections

WMM's timely Special Collections cover a wide range of issues and bring depth and unique content to your library. Buy 5 films for just $495. More.


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