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Special Offer for Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Save on Asian and Asian-American Studies Collection Titles When You Buy PEOPLE ARE THE SKY
Save on Gender Studies Titles When You Buy DEEP RUN
Save on Reproductive Rights Titles When You Buy BEAUTIFUL SIN
Special Offer on Oscar Winning and Nominated Films
Buy WILHEMINA'S WAR and Get LOVE & DIANE for 50% Off

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Current Offers

itwasrape   Special Offer for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month we are offering 50% off on some of our most acclaimed VAW titles! Featuring, IT WAS RAPE, by feminist author, activist, and filmmaker Jennifer Baumgardner, the film is a moving portrait of eight women from different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds who speak out about surviving sexual assault. This powerful documentary provides advocates at universities, shelters, and organizations with the necessary resources to facilitate meaningful conversations, and prevention that will help end all forms of violence against women. More

Check out UNAFRAIDINDIA’S DAUGHTER,PRIVATE VIOLENCEAFTER THE RAPE,LIFE AFTER MANSON, and CALLING THE GHOSTS for 50% off, and we are providing a special offer to our VAW groups for $49. 

Learn how to order.

Offer expires May 6, 2016.


  Save on Asian and Asian-American Studies Collection Titles When You Buy PEOPLE ARE THE SKY

We are excited to announce new release PEOPLE ARE THE SKY, by Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, the award-winning director of MOTHERLAND CUBA KOREA USA, who is the first Korean American filmmaker to receive official government permission to film inside the borders of North Korea. Kim-Gibson seamlessly weaves her life story in with the fractious history between North and South Korea, giving Americans a much better understanding of the roots of the conflict. The film is a contemplative exploration of the meaning of home and a compelling political and social profile of North Korea. PEOPLE ARE THE SKY is an up-close look at the contradictions and aspirations of a demonized nation.

Check out highlights from WMM’s Asian and Asian-American Studies collection: KOREAN WEDDING CHESTMULBERRY CHILDSLAYING THE DRAGON,MOTHERLAND CUBA KOREA USARED WEDDING: KHMER ROUGETHE MOSUO SISTERS and get 50% off, when you purchase PEOPLE ARE THE SKY at full price. Learn more.

Offer expires May 30, 2016.


FEED THE GREEN: FEMINIST VOICES FOR THE EARTH challenges the cultural imagination surrounding the destruction of the environment. This enlightening documentary features a variety of feminist thinkers whose voices are powerfully juxtaposed with images from popular culture, including advertising, myth, art, and the news, pointing to the ways that an environmentally destructive worldview is embedded in popular discourses, both contemporary and historical. More

Special Offer! When you purchase FEED THE GREEN at full price, get BAY OF ALL SAINTS, a enlightening doc about environmental justice and notions of home for citizens bypassed by Brazil's economic boom, for 50% off

Use offer code FEEDGRE16 to apply your discount. Cannot be combined with any other offer, other exceptions may apply. Offer expires May 15 2016.

Save on Gender Studies Titles When You Buy DEEP RUN

Executive produced by Susan Sarandon, DEEP RUN is a powerful verité portrait of trans life in rural North Carolina. Exiled by her family and rejected by an ex-partner, 17-year-old Spazz has no one to lean on for support. But when Spazz falls in love again and summons up the courage to become Cole, a strong-willed trans-man, his candid humor and steadfast, all-inclusive Christian beliefs counter the bigotry he experiences daily. 

Special Offer! When you purchase DEEP RUN at full price, get select titles from WMM's Gender Studies Collection for 50% off. See details.

Offer expires May 30, 2016


Save on Reproductive Rights Titles When You Buy BEAUTIFUL SIN

BEAUTIFUL SIN tells a surprising reproductive rights story, one that resonates from Central America to the United States and beyond. 

What if you desperately wanted a baby, but your country and religion prohibited you from trying the one medical treatment that could help you? In 2000, anti-abortion activists, with the help of the Catholic Church and a U.S. group, won a legal case that banned in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Costa Rica and gave the embryo legal rights, making Costa Rica the only country in the world to outlaw the treatment. BEAUTIFUL SIN tells the decade-long story of three couples struggling with infertility who take the Costa Rican government before an international human rights court to demand the right to use IVF. 

Special Offer! Get 50% off most titles in WMM's Reproductive Rights collection when you purchase BEAUTIFUL SIN at full price. See details.

Offer expires May 15, 2016



Special Offer on Oscar Winning and Nominated Films

WMM would like to congratulate Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, co-director of SAVING FACE, who won the Academy Award® for Documentary (Short Subject) for her film A GIRL IN THE RIVER - The Price of Forgiveness! This is Obaid-Chinoy's second Oscar in the same category, the first which was awarded to WMM Release SAVING FACE in 2012. This continues WMM's Oscar winning streak, filmmakers from WMM programs have won or been nominated in 10 of the last 11 years, including CITIZENFOUR, KINGS POINTGOD SLEEPS IN RWANDA and others. Check out Sharmeen's amazing Oscar speech here.

Special Offer! In honor of International Women's Day, as well as Sharmeen's Academy Award® win, get 25% off select Oscar winning and nominated films from our collection! See details.

Offer expires April 30 2016



Purchase WILHEMINA'S WAR and Get LOVE & DIANE for 50% off

Directed by Emmy award winning filmmaker and journalist June Cross, WILHEMINA'S WAR is the story of Wilhemina Dixon, a daughter of sharecroppers, who becomes a force in helping her granddaughter survive the health risks and social stigma of living with HIV in the South, where HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among African American women. The film bears witness to the resilience and determination of the human spirit in the face of tremendous adversity. 

Special Offer!
 Get 50% off your purchase of LOVE & DIANE, a searingly honest and moving examination of poverty, welfare and drug rehabilitation, when you get WILHEMINA'S WAR at full price. See details.

Offer expires April 30 2016



Ongoing Offers


Special Offer for New Customers

We want to welcome new customers to WMM with a special offer - buy two films and get the second one free in your first order! See the films in our catalog here

Use code BOGONC14 at checkout to apply your discount. Does not include 2015 and 2016 new releases


NYC Customers- Save 50% on any Film in the WMM Collection

Thanks to generous support from the NY Department of Cultural Affairs, WMM has launched The New York City Cultural and Community Discount Program, and is pleased to offer 50% off rentals or sales of WMM films to NYC non-profit groups in the five boroughs. Cultural organizations can apply the discount to rentals while community-based groups, public libraries and K-12 schools can receive an additional 50% off the already discounted community sale price (sorry, the offer does not apply to colleges and universities).

Take advantage of this special offer! Email orders@wmm.com or call 212.925.0606 x360 and mention promo code DCA12.







Replace Your VHS Copies with DVD

Ready to change those VHS tapes over to DVDs? WMM is offering you the chance to upgrade any VHS films purchased from WMM to DVDs at only 50% off the list price of the film. Contact orders@wmm.com or call 212-925-0606 x360 and mention promo code VHSDVDW16.  See select films new on DVD.






Save up to 65% with Special Collections

WMM's timely Special Collections cover a wide range of issues and bring depth and unique content to your library. Buy 5 films for just $495. More.


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Native Visions: Through the Eyes of Indigenous Women

This powerful collection of native voices features two films from the acclaimed Mohawk director Tracey Deer including CLUB NATIVE and the coming-of-age documentary MOHAWK GIRLS. Also included is the critical and heartbreaking tale of aboriginal femicide FINDING DAWN, as well as the spirited and vibrant Southwestern artists’ film, THE DESERT IS NO LADY, and the highly provocative identity piece NAVAJO TALKING PICTURE. These are diverse, dynamic, essential native visions, straight from the cameras of some of today’s most compelling women directors. More details.

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