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Sale! SONITA and Films on the Refugee/Immigrant Experience
Sale in Honor of Black History Month!
Sale in Honor of Women's History Month!
Get Select Titles for $99 When You Buy THE REVIVAL: WOMEN AND THE WORD
Special Offer on Select Titles in Honor of BAMCinematek Series!
Buy Ovarian Psycos and Receive Select Films on Feminism for $99
Buy HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD at full price and receive films from the "Women and Resistance" collection for $99!


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Current Offers

Buy HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD at full price and receive films from the  "Women and Resistance" collection for $99!

This Women's History Month resonates with great significance in light of the current political agenda that threatens to roll back hard-won rights of women nationwide. Women have resisted with solidarity marches, and the building of progressive coalitions, bringing transnational feminism to the forefront. Now more than ever, our films serve as an invaluable resource, illustrating the clarion call for the continued advancement of women. WMM New Release HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD  could not be more timely in this current political era, where communities nationwide are looking to pave a forward path for continued progress.

HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD (Lilly Rivlin) chronicles the little known story of one of America's biggest change makers - whose name you have probably never heard of. For nearly 50 years, Heather Booth has led some of the most impactful social change movements from civil rights, to labor reform, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and more. As a popular "go-to" organizer and co-founder of JANE, Booth's ability to enact real change has been sought out by key leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

Special Offer! In honor of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH buy HEATHER BOOTH: CHANGING THE WORLD at full educational price ($350) and receive any film from the "Women and Resistance" collection for $99 each! See titles and ordering details. Offer expires April 1, 2017 


Special Offer on Select Titles in Honor of BAMCinematek Series!

It was an honor to launch Black History Month with the announcement of a dynamic program featuring 17 Women Make Movies films in the BAMCinematek series, One Way or Another: Black Women's Cinema, 1970-1991. This critically acclaimed program ran February 3rd-23rd, and showcased award-winning films by early Black women film directors. The work of these pioneering directors broke barriers and blazed trails for this current generation of filmmakers, visionaries, and media makers, and those to come. As we celebrate Black History Month, join us in heralding the groundbreaking achievements of Black women in cinema! 

Buy any 3 films for $295, and get each additional film from the collection for $99! Use coupon code BAM17 when ordering online. See titles. Offer Expires March 31, 2017. 



Sale in Honor of Women's History Month

As we prepare to celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day next month, we herald the history making achievements of women within America and around the world. Explore our vast collection featuring their inspiring stories from the history of  Feminism, to the journey of Muslim, LatinaAsian AmericanAfrican American women and more! All are an invaluable resources that illustrate the resistance and progress that have contributed to the global advancement of women.

buy any 2016/2017 new release at the full educational price and receive  another film from our collection for $99!
Use coupon code WOM17. See ordering details or view our new releases.

Offer expires April 16, 2017. 


Sale in Honor of Black History Month!

From writers, academics, and activists, to civic leaders, community organizers, political candidates and more, African American women have been trailblazers - making history by forging a path forward for African Americans, women, and the nation. We are proud to present films featuring pioneering leaders like Shirley ChisholmAngela Davis, and Alice Walker, and other inspiring stories about ground-breakers who are not as well-known, but whose contributions have been equally vital. Join us in celebrating their impact and legacies.  Click here for our robust collection of titles featuring African American women. 

Selected films are available for only $99 each! See titles and details.
Offer expires April 21, 2017. 

Get Select Titles for $99 When You Buy THE REVIVAL: WOMEN AND THE WORD.

THE REVIVAL: WOMEN AND THE WORD   (Sekiya Dorsett), chronicles the US tour of a group of Black lesbian poets and musicians, who become present-day stewards of a historical movement to build community among queer women of color.   Their journey to strengthen their community is enriched by insightful interviews with leading Black feminist thinkers and historians, including Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Nikki Finney, and Alexis Deveaux. As the group tours the country, the film reveals their aspirations and triumphs, as well as the unique identity challenges they face encompassing gender, race, and sexuality. This is a rarely seen look into a special sisterhood - one where marginalized voices are both heard and respected. 

Special Offer! Buy THE REVIVAL at full price and receive select titles for $99. See titles and details.

Offer expires April 14, 2017. 


Sale! SONITA and Films on the Refugee/Immigrant Experience

The recent presidential executive order increasing restrictions that ban immigrants and refugees, was purportedly designed as a counter-terrorism effort. Instead, shock, confusion, and fear were felt around the globe, protests mounted at national airports, and a Texas mosque was burned. According to the State Department, nearly 800,000 refugees have come to America since September 11 , 2001, and fewer than 20 have been ar rested on charges of terrorism. The vast majority come seeking sanctua ry, hope, and opportunities for a better life. One beautiful illustration is SONITA, the Sundance award-winning film about a young Muslim refugee who fled the Taliban and cultur al traditions, by using music and education as ave nues for empowerment. Her inspiring story was capt ured by an Iranian filmmaker who not only recognized Sonita's potential, but played a key role in helping her to find sanctuary in the US. SONITA is the story of a refug ee, an immigrant who finds hope - a truly American story - one that captures the best of what is already great about our country. 

Buy SONITA at full price and receive any 3 films from our special curated collection for $99. See titles and ordering details. Expires 3/31/17.


Buy Ovarian Psycos and Receive Select Films on Feminism for $99

The Women's Marches were a tremendous success as millions from diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds joined together under one banner to address injustice and the importance of feminism. The award-winning film, OVARIAN PSYCOS will inspire, challenge, educate and help us to continue the important dialogues we all need to have about injustice, racism and community. stice, racism and community. 

Bicycles? Check. Bandanas? Check. The Ovarian Psycos gear up and ride out into the night, fanning out in pairs of two, four, and six. In constant motion, cruising up and down the storied streets of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles, and Lincoln Heights, they call out to new riders to join them in a journey through the neighborhood. "Whose streets? Our streets!" Since forming in the summer of 2011 by activist, poet M.C., and single mother, Xela de la X, the Ova's have made it their mission to cycle for the purpose of healing, reclaiming their neighborhoods, and creating safer streets for women on the Eastside. At first only attracting a few local women, over the past few years the Ovarian Psycos have inspired a ferocious and unapologetic crowd of local heroines who are a visible force along the barrios and boulevards of Los Angeles. The film OVARIAN PSYCOS (Joanna Sokolowski, Kate Trumbull-LaValle) rides along with them, exploring the impact of the group's brand of feminism on neighborhood women and communities as they confront injustice, racism, and violence. (ITVS website)

Special Offer! Buy OVARIAN PYSCOS and receive another selected film on Feminism for $99. See titles and details. Expires 3/31/17


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Ready to change those VHS tapes over to DVDs? WMM is offering you the chance to upgrade any VHS films purchased from WMM to DVDs at only 50% off the list price of the film. Contact orders@wmm.com or call 212-925-0606 x360 and mention promo code VHSDVDW16.  See select films new on DVD.






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WMM's timely Special Collections cover a wide range of issues and bring depth and unique content to your library. Buy 5 films for just $495. More.


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Native Visions: Through the Eyes of Indigenous Women

This powerful collection of native voices features two films from the acclaimed Mohawk director Tracey Deer including CLUB NATIVE and the coming-of-age documentary MOHAWK GIRLS. Also included is the critical and heartbreaking tale of aboriginal femicide FINDING DAWN, as well as the spirited and vibrant Southwestern artists’ film, THE DESERT IS NO LADY, and the highly provocative identity piece NAVAJO TALKING PICTURE. These are diverse, dynamic, essential native visions, straight from the cameras of some of today’s most compelling women directors. More details.

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