A Word in Edgewise

A film by Heather MacLeod

Canada | 1986 | 26 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99014


"A truly articulate, unaffected statement about a basic human activity, this excellent film explains the role of language in shaping behavior. It is a good synthesis of all that has been explored by linguists about sex bias in everyday speech and writing. Scholarly, yet simple and believable, it is informative without being preachy, and cites illustrations of abuses as well as suggestions for improvement. This is a truly feminist film made by women. This film should be required viewing for all educators and can be used at all levels to improve awareness of our use and abuse of language in perpetuating sex bias in culture."-Choice


"Both precise and rivetingly interesting, this video gem will be of interest to all teachers."

Horizon Teachers' Magazine

"Well made, thought-provoking and timely... Useful for English, teacher-training, and women's studies classes."

Library Journal


  • National Educational Film and Video Festival, Silver Apple


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