Angola Is Our Country

Angola E A Nossa Terra

A film by Jenny Morgan

England | 1988 | 45 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99061


Angolan women are rarely heard describing the impact of South Africa’s undeclared war against their country. This moving documentary, produced in conjunction with the Organization of Angolan Women (OMA), highlights the contribution women make to the reconstruction of a country where war has consumed more than half the national budget and produced at least a million internal refugees.


“The strength and resilience of women in Angola shines through in the face of unrelenting aggression by South African backed UNITA and centuries of male domination in Angolan society.”

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Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan is a freelance documentary filmmaker and a part-time human rights activist. These two elements have combined insome of her many films. After leaving apartheid South Africa andmoving to London, she supported anti-apartheid mobilizing andworked for the Namibian liberation movement, SWAPO. She hasdirected and produced numerous films for British television, including ALGERIA: DREAMING OF DEMOCRACY, A STATE OF DANGER (about the first Palestinian intifada), and WHEN YOU COME BACK HOME (on Soweto).Her film about British women agents in World War II, BEHIND ENEMY LINES: THE REAL CHARLOTTES GREYS was directed and produced for Channel 4. (8/14)

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