As the Mirror Burns

A film by Di Bretherton and Cristina Pozzan

Australia | 1990 | 58 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99010


Most representations of the Vietnam War show women as innocent by-standers who sometimes became caught up in the conflict but who were otherwise uninvolved. AS THE MIRROR BURNS is an amazing redressing of this misconception. It is estimated that over 70% of the guerrilla forces in the war were women who were not victims but who were active participants in the struggle against foreign domination. AS THE MIRROR BURNS shows how the war still shapes life for the women of Vietnam as they continue their work in the fields and factories, on the roads and in the homes, to restore peace to their land. Study guide available.


“Recommended. A timely update on women’s roles in postwar Vietnam.”

Library Journal

“Completely enlightens, shattering images of what one believed to be true.”

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Cristina Pozzan

Australian filmmaker Cristina Pozzan has been active in the film industry for over eighteen years. Pozzan produced the critically acclaimed feature film RETURN HOME, which won an AFI Award for Best Director, and numerous documentaries including the six-part series POP MOVIE; AS THE MIRROR BURNS, which was nominated for two AFI Awards; PUNCH LINES; CURTAIN FOR MY CABIN and THE PECKING ORDER. Pozzan was Acting Manager and Executive Producer at Film Victoria between 1991 and 1992. She also worked as executive producer for Open Channel between 1997 and 1998. Recently, Pozzan completed production on the television documentary THE 5TH SET, for Film Australia and ABC TV. (07/12)

Di Bretherton

Filmmaker and activist Di Bretherton has devoted many years to the research and promotion of peace. She is an honorary professor at the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Queensland and was the founding director of the International Conflict Resolution Centre at the University of Melbourne. She has also held a number of significant positions in international organizations such as chairing the Committee for the Psychological Study of Peace of the International Association of Psychological Science. A peace psychologist of international standing and an academic and researcher, Bretherton has extensive practical experience in many countries. She has conducted conflict resolution training, research and related projects in France, Spain, the US, Canada, Sri Lanka, Jordon, China, the Philippines and Vanuatu, as well as Australia and New Zealand. Her 1990 film AS THE MIRROR BURNS is an ideal representation of her dedication to spreading peace and awareness. (07/09)

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