From Here, From This Side

A film by Gloria Ribe

Mexico | 1988 | 24 minutes | Color | VHS | Voiceover | Order No. 99108


The relationship between Mexico and its rich neighbor to the north has always been ambiguous. Using mostly stock footage, this collage-like documentary “stars” Robert Redford, John Gavin and Superman in an exploration of the largest border separating the First and the Third World—that separating the United States of Mexico from the United States of America. Incorporating texts by Octavio Paz and others, images from Mexican melodramas and Hollywood movies, this film forces American viewers to consider the question of cultural imperialism from “the other side.”


“Postmodern pastiche with a point of view… Ribe updates the critique of neo-colonialism with a truly contemporary video vernacular, one that can move viewers beyond already familiar documentary strategies.”

B. Ruby Rich


  • AFI National Video Festival
  • Festival of New Latin American Cinema, Havana
  • Int’l Public Television Conference (INPUT)


Gloria Ribe

Mexican filmmaker Gloria Ribe is well-versed in various types of film and video media; having worked as a music video director, a journalist, and even a producer of feature films. She studied journalism and cinematography in her native Mexico before breaking into journalism as a foreign correspondent in both France and Mexico. Her films have earned her numerous awards including an Ariel (Mexican Oscar) for her 1980 feature film MONSE. In 1986 Ribe received an award from the Latin American and Caribbean Conference, for her television documentary TEPITO. Ribe has even been recognized for her music videos, one of which won an award in Mexico, where she currently manages her own film company. (10/09)

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