Meeting of Two Queens

Encuentro entre dos Reinas

A film by Cecilia Barriga

Spain | 1991 | 14 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99304


In this witty, luminous film, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich star in the roles of their lives—cast as lovers by Chilean video artist Barriga. Queen Christina meets the Scarlet Empress; Anna Karenina and Blonde Venus transcend tragedy. This beguiling film links the queens of the silver screen through motifs such as the cigarette and a circuitry of meaningful gazes and gestures. Clips from their signature roles are remounted in silent film style vignettes to tell a burgeoning tale of desire and destiny.


“A clever hunt for lesbian longings in old movies.”

Bill Stamets Chicago Sun-Times

“The movie we’ve been waiting for!”

Monica Dorenkamp Outweek


  • NY Int’l Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film
  • Feminale Women’s Film Festival, Germany
  • Montreal Women’s Film and Video Festival


Cecilia Barriga

Cecilia Barriga was born in Concepcion, Chile, in 1957. She left home at nineteen to study in Madrid. In 1984, she graduated in sound and image in the Complutense University. In 1994, she settled down in New York to study screenwriting and video art at Columbia University. Back in Spain, she made numerous documentaries and TV reports, without leaving the realm of fiction.

Cecilia Barriga and Claudia Lorenz have worked together since 2006 and produced two shorts, IM FLUSS and THE DAY OF THE EURO, (8/14)

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