Miss Amy and Miss May

A film by Sistren Research Directed by Cynthia Wilmot

Jamaica | 1990 | 40 minutes | Color | VHS | Order No. 99063


Amy Bailey, daughter of an eminent Black family, was a leader of the Jamaican women’s movement in the 1930s. May Farquharson, daughter of a wealthy white planter, fought for reproductive rights for women and reforms to benefit the elderly. Combining contemporary interviews and dramatized scenes from their long, unlikely friendship, this fascinating docudrama covers the history of the fight for social justice for women in Jamaica. Useful for courses on women’s history, women and development and Caribbean studies. A Phase 3 Production.


“Informative and entertaining. Reveals a little-known but important facet of Caribbean history. Recommended.”

Library Journal

“A much overdue work.”

Caribbean Week


Sistren Research

Sistren Theatre Collective is an independent women’s organization established in 1977. Sistren was founded as a drama-in-education organization, mounting full-length plays and conducting workshops about women’s issues, based on real experiences affecting women. The goal of the collective was to use drama to confront the public with problems facing both genders as well as to pressure society into changing negative perceptions and attitudes towards women. Aside from the general public, Sistren Theater Collective was also founded to serve women’s organizations, community groups, government and non-government agencies, and educational institutions. The collective conducts workshops with all sectors of society including students, youth groups, unemployed and professional persons. Through song, dance, and exercise along with drama and personal testimony, the workshops emphasize collective analysis of issues and discussions of possible solutions through networking with local, regional, and international organizations. Sistren also operates a multi-faceted popular education program that aims to analyze the situation of women in Jamaica, increase the awareness of gender issues, assist in the building of regional networks, encourage grassroots cultural expressions, and equip other grassroots agencies to campaign effectively for social change. (10/09)

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