The Maids

A film by Muriel Jackson

1985 | 28 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 05118


Domestic service has long been branded as demeaning work: it involves long hours, menial toil and low pay. Historically, and not coincidentally, it has been one of the only occupations open to African American women in this country. As African American women have begun to move away from domestic labor into other jobs, white-owned entrepreneurial maid services employing primarily white women have arisen. This intriguing and articulate documentary looks at the history of domestic work since slavery and the ambivalence felt by African American women towards it. Offering a sophisticated analysis of the racial and sexual division of labor in this country, THE MAIDS! is an excellent resource for women's, African American and labor studies.


"Provides a unique, insightful look into one of the last vestiges of colonial relations between blacks and whites."

Kimberly Everett Media Alternative Project


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