ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY (dir. Jean Carlomusto) Featured in Medium Article by Melinda Blau and The Crows Feet Podcast!

WMM release ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY (dir. Jean Carlomusto) has been prominently featured in a recent article on Medium titled “Esther Newton Won’t Make You Gay,” written by Melinda Blau. This insightful article accompanies a special episode of the Crow’s Feet podcast, “Finally Celebrated: Esther Newton’s Journey from Outlier to LGBTQ.” Clips from the podcast are interspersed throughout the article, offering an engaging, multi-dimensional look at the life and legacy of Esther Newton. You can listen to the full episode here.

ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY  is a captivating documentary that delves into the life and work of Esther Newton, a pioneering cultural anthropologist whose groundbreaking research and activism have significantly impacted the LGBTQ community. Newton’s work, characterized by its insightful analysis of gender roles and queer identity, has helped shape contemporary understandings of these crucial topics.

Melinda Blau’s article, “Esther Newton Won’t Make You Gay,” provides a thoughtful exploration of Newton’s contributions, accompanied by clips from the Crow’s Feet podcast episode. This multi-media approach not only highlights Newton’s achievements but also offers personal anecdotes and reflections, providing a rich, nuanced portrayal of her journey from an outlier to a celebrated figure in the LGBTQ community.

Listeners of the podcast will find an array of engaging discussions, personal stories, and expert insights that paint a vivid picture of Newton’s enduring influence. ESTHER NEWTON MADE ME GAY is available to book or purchase.

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