Join us for a Skills That Pay the Bills Bonus Webinar diving deep into documentary film budgeting with an award-winning filmmaker who is a master at it, Robert Bahar.  

Award winning filmmaker Robert Bahar has presented workshops on budgeting around the world and his articles on the topic have been widely circulated.  We are thrilled to have him present this special expanded in-depth workshop on how to create a realistic and workable budget.   We’ll explore together the intricacies of line items, budget planning, allocation, and optimization specific to documentaries, ensuring adherence to industry standards and achieving results. Gain invaluable insights into navigating financial challenges, securing funding, and implementing cost-effective solutions are essential to a successful project and you need one for any grant or financier. Whether you’re emerging, mid-career or a seasoned filmmaker, there is always more to learn. And you can ask questions about budgeting internationally as well as North America, because Robert knows it all. 

Budgeting can be a challenge!    Join us as Robert hands us the tools and shows us the path to conquer budgeting with all the skills necessary to excel and succeed in the constantly evolving dynamic realm of documentary filmmaking.  

May 16 @ 12:00 pm
12:00 pm — 2:45 pm (2h 45′)

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