Dorothee Wenner  

Dorothee Wenner is based in Berlin, where she works as a freelance filmmaker and writer/curator.

Her documentaries often transgress borders of traditional genres, as she uses elements of feature filmmaking when working with protagonists. In 2008, her theatrically released documentary "Peace Mission", won critical acclaim as it gave international audiences an insider perspective into the world of home movie production in Nollywood. “Peace Mission” premiered at IFF Toronto and toured the international film festival circuit on all continents. The film is distributed and marketed by Women Make Movies and First Hand Films.

Since 1990 Wenner has been a member of the selection committee of the "International Forum" and also serves as the delegate for India and Subsahara-Africa for the Berlin International Filmfestival and the Dubai International Filmfestival. In Lagos, she has been jury member of the African Film Academy since its inception in 2004, and chaired as its president in 2010. (8/14)

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