Esther Hoffenberg

Esther Hoffenberg is a French director and producer of documentaries since 1980. She created LAPSUS in 1989, a company that produced over sixty films on social, political and historic issues by talented filmmakers including Vitali Kanevski, Benoît Dervaux, Mathilde Mignon, Hugues Le Paige, Patric Jean, Richard Dindo, Michaël Gaumnitz. Lapsus also produced 2 collections of films on Art: DESIGN and ARTISTS.

Esther returned to filmmaking in 2005, with THE TWO LIVES OF EVA, and all her films had international careers. (7/15)

Available Title(s):

Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love

A film by Esther Hoffenberg, 2013, 56 min, Color

The French author and memoirist Violette Leduc was a controversial pioneer. Her taboo-breaking memoir, La Bâtard, (The Bastard), became an enormous literary success. Through her work, she confronted the experience of being an illegitimate child, homosexuality, abortion, and explored with intensity and total candor the reaches of female desire – all scandalous, indecent subjects for…

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