New Webinar Series! Fundraising for Success in 2020

So much has changed in our lives and the world these past 7 months! Yet it is more important than ever that filmmakers use all the resources possible to be able to create a strategy to finance their projects.  Fundraising for Success includes two of our most popular webinars and two brand new ones — it’s all you will need to be able to begin or jumpstart your fundraising effortsThis 4-part series is being offered for $75.00 (discount available for WMM filmmakers and partners). Learn more and register 

Find the Money! Strategic Fundraising 
with Debra Zimmerman 

 Fundraising can be daunting, but it can also be an exciting journey to find the best, most direct paths to fund your film.  Whether you have a new project or need ideas to jumpstart one that has stalled, Debra Zimmerman, WMM’s Exec Director, will offer an overview of fundraising sources including foundations, government funds, corporate contributions, crowdsourcing, and individual donations, as well as strategies for maximizing your success. One of our most popular webinars! Learn more and register 

Where’s the Money? International Co-Production for Docs with Claire Aguilar

Co-production(s) between countries sometimes is complicated but could be a way to not only help finance your project but to get it out there, recognized and seen globally. Claire Aguilar, formerly of ITVS and instrumental in the creation of the ITVS International Funding Initiative/Global Perspectives Project, breaks down the mystery of international co-production and financing, walking us through how to find co-production partners and co-producers and how to do it successfully from a filmmakers’ perspective no matter where you reside in the world. Learn more and register 

Equity Investments and DPA Guidelines for the Documentary Waterfall with Susan Margolin 

Equity investments have become more and more an important way to finance your film, sometimes the only way to finance your film – but how does it work? And what is this ‘waterfall’?!  Susan Margolin, producer and leading member of the Documentary Producer Alliance, walks us through equity investment unpacking the DPA’s Guidelines for the Documentary Waterfall to ensure sustainability, realistic budgets and fair compensation in our field. Susan will not walk us these new guidelines, but will answer all questions you will have on working with equity investments: the pros… and the cons… All of it! Learn more and register 

Grant Proposals: A Blueprint for Success 
with Michelle Materre 

There’s no way to start to fundraise without the project and the story clearly defined within a proposal. There is an art to writing a strong, successful proposal and with over 30+-years’ experience Michelle Materre leads us in how to make this happen effectively. This webinar examines how to utilize the Documentary Core Application, create that ever-important pitch deck and give you tips on how to make your proposal uniquely stand out from the hundreds submitted to every funder. Get a new proposal written or refresh the one you have! Learn more and register 

Learn more and register 

***If you are unable to participate live, recordings of these webinars will be available to all registrants for three months after the recording is posted. To register for just one or two of these webinars, please go to their individual registration pages. The deadline to purchase the series as a complete set is 10/21/2020 by 11:59 AM EST.  

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