We are offering a big round of applause to the team of WMM new release SISTERS RISING for being awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE by the American Indian Film Festival! The American Indian Film Institute’s mission to “foster understanding and appreciation of the culture, traditions, and issues of contemporary Native Americans” is reflected in SISTERS RISING, as the powerful documentary chronicles sexual assault survivors’ struggles to overcome a legacy of trauma against Native communities in order to reclaim their personal and tribal sovereignty.  

Congratulations to directors Willow O’Feral and Brad Heck, co-producer Jaida Grey Eagle (Oglala Lakota), and executive producer Tantoo Cardinal (Cree/Métis)!  

SISTERS RISING played in the AIFF Nov. 6-14.

Buy the Film or Host a screening: https://www.wmm.com/catalog/host/request/  

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