TIKTOK, BOOM. WMM New Release is an Essential Watch with the New TikTok Ban Signed into Law

A new bill passed by the Senate this week and signed into law by President Biden demands that its Chinese owners sell the social media app TikTok within a year or face a U.S. ban, underscoring the themes explored in WMM release TIKTOK, BOOM., directed by Shalini Kantayya (CODED BIAS). The film delves into the complexities of TikTok as a cultural and technological powerhouse. It captures the app’s rise to global prominence while also situating It within broader conversations about privacy, free speech, and national security. Women Make Movies distributes the Director’s Cut of the film, the version of the film that is broadcast on Independent Lens and contains special edits made by Kantayya. Learn more, screen, and purchase a copy now.

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