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Voices of Afghan Women Collection Available to Watch for Free

As the world watches the Taliban seize power in Afghanistan and women’s lives come under threat, we are making our Voices of Afghan Women collection, important Afghanistan documentaries, available to watch for free through September 12, 2021. 

“As the rights and lives of women in Afghanistan are threatened, it is important for people all over the world to hear the voices of Afghan women. The films in our collection, which have been curated over decades, tell the history of the country through the perspective of Afghan women and relate their lived experiences  their triumphs as well as their challenges,” says WMM Executive Director Debra Zimmerman, “We hope people will watch these films and realize that we must support women’s human rights in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s history is one of suppression and violence and does not give one hope for their freedom.” 

From the two-time Sundance Film Festival award-winning SONITA about a young rapper whose parents planned to sell as a child bride, to ENEMIES OF HAPPINESS, which won the World Cinema Jury Prize for Documentary at Sundance, about Malalai Joya, an outspoken critic of the Taliban and one of 68 women elected to the Afghan parliament in 2005, to A THOUSAND GIRLS LIKE ME, the story of a woman fighting against sexual abuse and winning the in the courts, to AFGHANISTAN UNVEILED about the first-ever team of women video journalists trained in Afghanistan, WMM honors the strength and courage of Afghan women in the face of religious intolerance and political persecution. This selection of Afghanistan documentaries sheds light on the history of this region and raises the voices and lived experiences of Afghan women.

The film series is now closed. These films are also available for virtual programming, to book for screenings, and to purchase on DVD or via Digital Site License. Many are also available on Kanopy.

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