The Women Make Movies Summer 2024 Webinar Series has concluded, but it can still be purchased on demand!

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Nancy Schwartzman: From Independent One-Offs to Series

Join us in conversation with the multi-award-winning, director/producer Nancy Schwartzman as she shares her journey from independent documentary to making a mark in the world of streamers and series.

Susan Margolin: That Producer-Director Synergy

In a field that we know is extremely difficult to begin with, not to mention succeed in, building that special synergy and working together as a viable force makes for a clearer path to make the best film possible to find its way into the world at large. How do you choose a producer / build a relationship with your directors is everything, and in this webinar, Susan speaks to exactly that.

Christine Turner: Short or Longform - It’s the Story that Counts

Join us for this dynamic webinar where Christine shares her insights and experiences in successfully directing and producing for public media, Hulu, Netflix, CNN, Paramount +, whether it be feature-length, short-form or as a series.

Lisa Cortés: Producing & Directing

For Lisa Cortés sustainability in her career means producing and directing her own work but continuing to produce other filmmakers – and why not? She is so, so good at it! Join us in this one-of-a-kind conversation to glean Lisa’s insights to a sustainable and fulfilling career.

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