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Producers are involved in different parts of the research/development, financing, production, post-production, and distribution process. Award-winning producers Jennifer MacArthur (WHOSE STREETS?), Beth Levison (STORM LAKE, THE MARTHA MITCHELL EFFECT) and Heidi Reinberg (93QUEEN, WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?) define the different roles a producer plays, from beginning to end – what the work entails, how to breakdown the workflow, and how each role is credited. Being a producer is not a catch-all by any means! We also discuss how one sustains and creates a thriving career as a producer in our current world.
Whether you’re trying to change laws or inform hearts and minds, this webinar unpacks responsibilities of the Impact Producer. We'll help you understand how to build your audience and develop your project’s plan for impact, outreach, and engagement. Join our powerhouse trio specializing in Impact: Sonya Lockett, the Chief Impact Office of One Community (aka Good Films), a film co-financing company based in LA; Erika Howard, formerly of Women Make Movies and POV, and now Impact Producer at PBS’ FRONTLINE; and Eliza Licht, a long-time social impact and engagement strategist.
We recognize this title as a top position, including the presentation credits of any film, but what is their role? Do they raise the money, invest in, or put up the financing of film, or all of the above? Will some EPs shop the project? Do they own the copyright? Impact Partners’ Executive Director Jenny Raskin, also a multi-award-winning Executive Producer (AFTERSHOCK, US KIDS, PROCESSION), will break down and define the many things an Executive Producer does, is, and can be. We will also discuss how to find them and work with them successfully.
From sourcing your archival material, to organizing and tracking, to negotiating rates and licensing – and deciphering what might be Fair Use – award-winning director/producers of WMM-sponsored project WHAT WE LEFT UNFINISHED, Alysa Nahmias and Mariam Ghani will lead us through each step and will help us define the role of the Archival Producer. 

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