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Peggy Stern

Harvard graduate and award-winning independent producer and director Peggy Stern has been making films focused on personal, cultural, and social issues for more than 20 years. Her credits include such films as GRAPPLING WITH DIFFERENCE: HOMEWORK AS A PLACE WHERE SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES MEET, a video produced by Teachers College for distribution to parent and teacher groups. She has also produced and directed a segment of the PBS series A World of Art and was a consulting producer on UNEQUAL EDUCATION: FAILING OUR CHILDREN, which was broadcast nationally as part of Bill Moyersís Listening to America series on PBS. Some of Sternís other credits include DEBUT, a one-hour documentary exploring life of a young classical musician; CHARACTER SINGERS AT THE MET, produced for WNETíS Great Performances; STUBBORN HOPE, a portrait of a South African poet in exile, and SILVER VALLEY, a feature film on the closing of a silver mine and its effects on one family in Idaho. Sternís films have been screened at international festivals worldwide and have won many honors, including the Cine Golden Eagle, a Golden Hugo and the National Geographic Earthwatch Film Award. Most notably, her animated short, THE MOON AND THE SON: AN IMAGINED CONVERSATION, won an Academy Award in 2006. Stern has completed work AMERICAN ARTISTS: MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD, in which individuals recall their childhood as a means of introducing audiences to different art forms. Stern is also working on the development of a sequel to her documentary feature, STEPHANIE, which aired on PBS as well as on various European channels. (10/09)

A film by Peggy Stern, 1986, 58 min., Color/BW

Following the filmmaker's teenage neighbor through six pivotal years of her life, Stephanie documents her dreams and disappointments through adolescen...

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