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Maureen Blackwood

After completing a degree in Media Studies, writer/director Maureen Blackwood became a founding member of Sankofa Film and Video, a group of young Black filmmakers who came together to make films which offered new and often challenging visions of Black experiences. During her time with Sankofa, Maureen has pursued and developed her talents in the areas of writing and direction. She was co-writer/director on Sankofa's first film THE PASSION OF REMEMBRANCE before going on to write and direct the award-winning film PERFECT IMAGE? Maureen's more recent work includes A FAMILY CALLED ABREW, a documentary which depicts the lives of a Black Scottish family spanning a century and she has just completed a British Screen/Channel Four Television 11-minute drama, shot on 35mm, HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

Maureen has also worked on many of Sankofa's other films such as TERRITORIES, DREAMING RIVERS, and LOOKING FOR LANGSTON. Maureen has over the years organized a series of courses for people interested in media careers and most recently worked as Visiting Artist at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. At present, Maureen is working on the feature-length film, THREE ROOMS, whilst developing other Sankofa projects. (07/12)

Home Away from Home
A Sankofa film directed by Maureen Blackwood, 1994, 11 min., Color

A bittersweet drama that unfolds almost without dialogue, this prizewinning short film from Sankofa Film and Video conveys the isolation of immigrant ...

The Passion of Remembrance
A Sankofa film by Maureen Blackwood and Isaac Julien, 1986, 80 min., Color

The first film by Sankofa Film and Video, THE PASSION OF REMEMBRANCE has gained classic status as a representation of the totality and diversity of Bl...

Perfect Image?
A film by Maureen Blackwood, 1988, 30 min., Color

Bright and imaginative in its approach to its subject, PERFECT IMAGE? exposes stereotypical images of Black women and explores women's own ideas of se...

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