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Janet Goldwater

BARBARA ATTIE AND JANET GOLDWATER, EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS AND DIRECTORS, have worked collaboratively since 1990 making widely acclaimed documentaries that have been broadcast nationally and internationally. In 2005 they were awarded the prestigious Pew Fellowship in the Arts. Their most recent collaboration, ROSITA (2005), is the story of a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl who was raped and made pregnant, and her parents’ struggle with the medical establishment, the government and the church to end her pregnancy. Broadcast in Latin America on HBO/Cinemax as well as in Europe and Asia, ROSITA was selected to screen at INPUT 2007 and has been shown at film festivals worldwide, including the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival and Silverdocs. Attie and Goldwater’s 2002 ITVS production, MAGGIE GROWLS, a whimsical biography of Gray Panther founder Maggie Kuhn, was selected to be the premiere program on PBS’s Independent Lens documentary series. Other Attie and Goldwater documentaries broadcast nationally on PBS include DARING TO RESIST: THREE WOMEN FACE THE HOLOCAUST (2000) and LANDOWSKA: UNCOMMON VISIONARY (1999). Attie earned an MFA in film from Temple University, and Goldwater earned an MFA in photography and design from Boston University. (06/09)

Maggie Growls
A film by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater, 2002, 56 min., Color

MAGGIE GROWLS is a portrait of the amazing, canny, lusty, charming and unstoppable Maggie Kuhn (1905-1995), who founded the Gray Panthers (the nation’...

Mrs. Goundo's Daughter
A film by Barbara Attie and Janet Goldwater, 2009, 60 min., Color

Mrs. Goundo is fighting to remain in the United States. But it’s not just because of the ethnic conflict and drought that has plagued her native Mali....

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