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Karen Bernstein

Whether it be the story of singer, Ella Fitzgerald, or Blackwell School president, Joe Cabezuela, Bernstein Documentary is dedicated to recording a broad swatch of American history, unveiling each story in the edit room, and broadcasting them for the world to discover.

Emmy and Grammy award-winning Karen Bernstein has spent over 25 years producing, researching and editing with some of the most prestigious producer/ directors in the documentary field. She has recently produced both the television and theatric versions of Fixing the Future: NOW on PBS with David Brancaccio as host (Jumpstart Productions). Troop 1500 toured film festivals and other venues throughout the country and was short-listed for an Academy Award.

Since 2006, Karen Bernstein has been living in Far West Texas, producing and editing film and radio documentaries. She often travels to help finish documentaries like FORGIVENESS: A TIME TO LOVE AND A TIME TO HATE (directed by Helen Whitney for PBS) and supervised production on FIXING THE FUTURE: NOW on PBS. She has recently made a very popular web video for Etsy.com on the craft movement in Marfa. Current projects include a short documentary about grackle birds in Austin entitled, WHAT DO THEY WANT?, a webisode series on Marfa and a documentary feature with Galan Inc, CHILDREN OF GIANT, which has been awarded research and development funding from Latino Public Broadcasting. (8/14)

Troop 1500
A film by Ellen Spiro & Karen Bernstein, 2005, 68 min., Color

Their mothers may be convicted thieves, murderers and drug dealers, but the girls of Troop 1500 want to be doctors, social workers and marine biologis...

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