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Tender Fictions
A film by Barbara Hammer
1995, 58 minutes, Color, 16mm/DVD
Order No. W99585
Innovative, funny, and historic, TENDER FICTIONS is an autobiographical exploration of the search for and meaning of gay community. From a childhood spent being groomed as the next Shirley Temple to her current work as an activist and maker of over 70 films and videos, groundbreaking filmmaker Barbara Hammer casts a wry eye on her life and changing world.

In a rich montage of home movies, experimental films, news footage, and personal photographs, Hammer charts her growth from 1950's child star "wannabe" to 1960's straight earth mother to 1990's lesbian artist and activist. Documenting how Hammer's personal and artistic development grew out of and became a part of the feminist, gay, and AIDS activist movements, TENDER FICTIONS is both the story of an extraordinary filmmaker and a compelling portrait of the changes wrought by a generation of women.

"As Hammer examines her emergence, her struggle becomes symbolic of all those who have rejected the ideals by which they were raised...A moving and provocative look at the role of community in an artist's life and the role of the artist in her community." —Lisanne Skyler, Sundance Film Festival


  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Berlin Film Festival
  • Ann Arbor Film Festival, Isabella Lidell Art Award
  • Charlotte Film and Video Festival, Director's Choice
  • Yamagata Int Doc Film Fest Japan
  • Paris, Hong Kong, NY, SF and LA Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals

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    "Rich with archival footage and family stories...An inventive collage of personal statements, found footage, and dialectics on lesbianism, life, and autobiography."
    Christine MacDonald

    "Sharp, daring, controversial, and still iconoclastic..."

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