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The Children We Sacrifice
A film by Grace Poore
2000, 61 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W00664
Shot in India, Sri Lanka, Canada and the United States, and screened in 18 countries, this evocative, visually powerful documentary is about incestuous sexual abuse of the South Asian girl child. By interweaving survivors' narratives, including the producer's own story, with interviews with South Asian mental health professionals, and with statistical information, as well as poetry and art, THE CHILDREN WE SACRIFICE discloses the many layers of a subject traditionally shrouded in secrecy. Insights into the far-reaching psychological, social and cultural consequences of incest are accompanied by thoughtful assessments of strategies that have helped adult women cope with childhood trauma. The video also analyzes social and cultural resistance in South Asia and the Diaspora to dealing with incest's causes and its effects on its victims. This personal and collective letter from South Asian incest survivors and their advocates is both a validation of their struggle and a compelling charge to protect future generations of children better.


2000 Rosebud Award
2001 Creating a Voice Award

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    "The Children We Sacrifice" is a groundbreaking film that poignantly exposes the silenced subject of incest and sexual abuse against girls. The survivors' stories of pain and strength will undeniably touch your heart and inspire you to speak out against the violence."
    Prema Vora
    Sakhi for South Asian Women

    "Poore's voice is powerful and unhesitating, yet never shrill. 'The Children We Sacrifice' is not just a saga of victimization; it is a celebration of girls' and women's strength, resilience, and the beauty of life."
    Shamita Das Dasgupta
    Manavi, Inc.

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