Waking Up to Rape

A film by Meri Weingarten

1985 | 35 minutes | Color | DVD | Order No. 99355


"If I were to choose only one film on sexual assault to show to a class or to the general public, I would select WAKING UP TO RAPE. This is a powerful film that examines the personal trauma of rape, its long-term psychological effects, societal attitudes about sexual assault, and the problem of racism in the criminal justice system. Three rape survivors (Black, Chicana, and white) courageously describe their rape experiences (acquaintance rape, incest, and stranger rape). The film also features scenes with women police officers, counselors, and self-defense instructors. Unlike most films, it offers strong support for women viewers who are coping with their own sexual assault experiences. I highly recommend it for college classes, everyone who works with sexual assault survivors, and the general public." -Feminist Collections


"Easily the best of its genre, highly recommended as a discussion starter."


"This supportive and enlightening documentary merits attention of school, community and public libraries."



Meri Weingarten

Producer, editor, and director Meri Weingarten has worked in film and television for many years. She has produced work for CBS, ABC, and HBO, contributing to everything from Saturday Night Live to PBS documentaries. Weingarten’s work also includes numerous feature films such as the Academy Award-winning HARLAN COUNTY, U.S.A. (1976), ARTHUR (1981), and VISIONS OF LIGHT (1992). Weingarten was also the producer and director on the award-winning documentary WAKING UP TO RAPE, which has been distributed worldwide, and appeared in festivals and on national television. Currently, she is the director of post-production at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. Previously, she held an adjunct professor post in the Division of Film & Television Production Division. (10/09)


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