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Made In India: SEWA in Action
A film by Patricia Plattner
Switzerland/India, 1998, 52 minutes, Color, DVD, Subtitled
Order No. W00667
This powerful documentary is a portrait of SEWA, the now-famous women's organization in India that holds to the simple yet radical belief that poor women need organizing, not welfare. SEWA, or the Self-Employed Women's Association, corresponds to the Indian word sewa, meaning service. Based in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, a dusty old textile town on the edge of the Gujarati desert, SEWA is at its core a trade union for the self-employed. It offers union membership to the illiterate women who sell vegetables for 50 cents a day in the city markets, or who pick up paper scraps for recycling from the streets--jobs that most Indian men don't consider real work.

Inspired by the political, economic and moral model advocated by Mahatma Gandhi, SEWA has grown since its founding to a membership of more than 217,000 and its bank now has 61,000 members, assets of $4 million and customers who walk in each day to deposit a dollar or take out 60 cents. Following the lives of six women involved in the organization, including Ela R. Bhat, its visionary founder, Plattner's documentary is an important look at the power of grassroots global feminism.


  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Recontres Media Nord-Sud, Geneva, First Prize
  • Munich Documentary Film Festival
  • Locarno Film Festival

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    "...a powerful documentary...[SEWA's pioneering project, defying India's male-dominated and economically rigid society, has grown into an internationally acclaimed model for rural development and women's empowerment."
    Foreign Policy in Focus

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    The official web site for SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association) the organization which inspired this powerful documentary.

    Light Night Productions
    Filmmaker Web site.

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