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Women Organize!
A film by Joan E. Biren, Union Institute Ctr. for Women & Women and Organizing Documentation Project
2000, 32 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W01724
WOMEN ORGANIZE! is an inspirational, half hour video that portrays women organizers across the U.S. who are involved in the global struggles for racial, social, and economic justice. In this video, we meet five women organizers of various backgrounds, peek at the campaigns they wage, and watch as they begin to pick up the tools to document their own transformative work. From working with high schools girls in a low-income neighborhood in Oregon to speaking out for Black lesbians and gays against homophobia or working with Asian immigrant women factory workers in California for decent working conditions, WOMEN ORGANIZE is an important video that should be used in women’s and ethnic studies classes and community based organizations.


    "These woman organizers--in our unions and in our communities--are showing us that yes, indeed, it can be done. The spirit of Si, se puede is alive and well, and it is women who are making it happen."
    Linda Chavez-Thompson
    Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO

    “Women Organize is a refreshing, inspiring portrait of five women whose life work is economic and social justice. Pedagogically and analytically sharp, and deeply moving. A must-see for Women's Studies, Race and Ethnic Studies, Labor Studies, and any curriculum involved with social transformation.”
    Chandra Talpade Mohanty
    Hamilton College

    “The video was very moving. As a filmmaker and an activist, I was thrilled to see these women honored by the video. They, in turn, will be role models and inspirations to other women.”
    Dee Mosbacher
    Woman Vision

    “Good for demonstrating the diversity of feminist activism—sexualities, labor, organizational theories, environmental issues, debates about collective action, native American concerns.”
    Joseph Boles
    Northern Arizona University

    "Designed to spark discussion on organizing tactics and strategies while inspiring any audience I can imagine, this short documentary would work well in community study groups and those undergraduate sociology and political science courses that include community-based research, grassroots leadership training, and youth organizing."
    Signs, Films for the Feminist Classroom

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