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Between the Lines: Asian American Women's Poetry
A film by Yunah Hong
US, 2001, 60 minutes, Color, DVD
Order No. W02754
BETWEEN THE LINES offers rare interviews with over 15 major Asian-Pacific American women poets. Organized in interwoven sections such as Immigration, Language, Family, Memory, and Spirituality, it is a sophisticated merging of Asian-American history and identity with the questions of performance, voice, and image.

This engaging documentary serves as poetry reading, virtual anthology, and, perhaps most importantly, moving testimony about gender, ethnicity, aesthetics, and creative choice. The carefully edited interviews and poems read reflect the filmmaker's desire to show both individual voice and diversity within the Asian-American women’s community. Theoretically as rich as the images and poems provided, there is also an implicit conversation in the video about the possibility and usefulness of an Asian-American women’s aesthetic/poetic. Using carefully selected archival images, historical footage, and brilliant photography as the scrim through which we hear the poets, BETWEEN THE LINES provides important and lively viewing for literature, history, ethnic and women’s studies classes.” - Joseph Boles, Visiting Scholar, Center for Visual Culture, Bryn Mawr


  • CINE Golden Eagle Award in Non-Broadcast
  • Chicago Asian American Film Festivals
  • Toronto International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Not Hollywood: A Feminist Film Festival, SUNY New Paltz
  • Vermont Women's Film Festival
  • Seoul Women's Film Festival

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    "...a probing, thoughtful examination into the artistic processes of emerging and leading Asian American female artists. BETWEEN is not a how-to documentary but a personal inquiry into language and poetry. The movie plays like one long running deep meditation..."
    Quang Bao
    Managing Director, Asian American Writer's Workshop

    “Yunah Hong's engrossing video provides us with the grounding we need to be able to follow the imaginative flights of these important poets. This documentary itself a poem, walking the line between experimental video and documentary film, showing us new ways to see and hear.”
    Peter X Feng
    University of Delaware

    “This beautiful video offers an intimate look at a diverse group of Asian-American women poets. We learn where they came from, what inspires them, and how gender figures into their lives and their art.”
    Elaine Kim
    Asian Women United

    "A poetically conceived anthology of Asian American women poets, this documentary is a rare treat, presenting live footage of some of the finest female voices in Asian American writing today."
    Linden Chubin
    Asia Society

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